Smart home security starts at the front door. With smart locks, connected lights and video doorbell technology, a smarter home security system installed by BSG brings connected convenience, safety and security to your home’s entrance.


Improve after-dark safety and deter unwelcome visitors. You can set your smart lights to come on at a certain time, at sunset, or when triggered by your doorbell or outdoor motion detectors.


The smarter way to answer your door. See and talk with visitors from your smartphone, get video of your kids getting home from school and even unlock your door remotely, using your SMART LOCK.


Enhance your security with keyless access. Give your family their own 4 digit keycodes and receive an alert when they arrive, on your mobile app.

Getting smart at the front door is a great compliment to your home security system, and makes it easier for your friends and family to access your home. BSG can provide professional installation, and teach you how to setup and use these amazing features.

Home security and home automation makes life simple, but can be overwhelming and complicated to understand. If you have questions about smart home technology, click Chat with us to speak with a representative today!