Are you disabled or know someone who currently is? If so, then you know how extremely difficult it is to get around the house, and challenging to do simple day-to-day tasks. The restriction affects nearly everything – if not everything – you do. For example, if you are in a wheelchair, it is very difficult for you to continue to get up and out of your chair to monitor the thermostat or lock your doors, or turn on your alarm – if it is located in a specific area, especially. According to, people with disabilities are more likely to be a victim of a crime than people without disabilities.

It is crucial to have some type of home security system to protect people with disabilities. For example, people sitting on a wheelchair cannot easily access the alarm system in case of an emergency. Hence, it is essential to make sure that you have a home alarm system that tailored for the disabled, which includes a smart doorbell. A disabled person cannot easily get up and out of their wheelchair to secure the building to make sure all the doors are locked. For non-wheelchair users, this seemingly minor inconvenience (of major consequences) shows that daily actions like turning off all the lights and checking to make sure doors are locked have been taken for granted. Meanwhile, a security system can allow a disabled person to easily access all of these things from their phone or tablet lets them stay secure. Also, if there was something to happen such as a robbery, break-in, or medical emergency they can quickly press a button on a portable panic wrist watch for help. Most home alarm systems require that you walk up to the keypad to press a button for help. Also, the importance of having a smart system home alarm is that they can control the lights and the thermostat all-in-one app, making it easy to have everything at the tip of their hands.

Smart doorbells are very important as well, especially those equipped with a video recorder that records movement outside of their door. Some smart doorbells even come with motion control features to notify the homeowner anytime the smart doorbell senses movement. Having a smart doorbell is very beneficial for a disabled person because it can notify them in many ways – not unlike having a second pair of eyes.

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