We all know smart phones make life easier, but are you using yours to its fullest capabilities? Does it allow you to have full control? Cell phones today are used for more than calling and texting – they are designed to help our lives in almost every way possible. If you think your cell phone can do more, it can!

BSG Security presents Alarm.com. A new way of complete control over your home automation – no matter where you are in the world.

  • Pairs with your home security for the best all in one advantage
  • Cellular backup – if your power goes out, you will still be protected
  • Crash and Smash advantage – your door opens (crash) , your code was not entered, system stopped responding (smashed), help is dispatched right away
  • Z-Wave capabilities – no requirement to change your existing home automation. Control your lights, door locks, thermostat, shades, fans, main water valve shut offs, and much more
  • Set up Geo-Fencing so you can come home the way you want to – temperature up, front door unlocked, lights on, security unarmed, all when you are seconds from home
  • Stop the new trend of break in’s and use alarm.com as your garage door opener – you no longer need to worry about someone breaking into your car to steal your door opener to gain access to your home
  • Pair it with your Sky Bell HD Video Door Bell Camera for the best in protecting against unwanted door knockers
  • As secure as your online banking
  • ALL Smart phone/mobile devices are supported
  • Pair with your Apple watch/Apple TV/Amazon Fire/Amazon Echo TV


Contact a BSG expert today to explore everything that Alarm.com can offer you, or give us a call at 855-MYSMARTHOME to learn more.