[fusion_dropcap boxed=”no” boxed_radius=”” class=”” id=”” color=””]Y[/fusion_dropcap]ou walk into the kitchen and stare at your countertop. It looks so empty and lonely there. Your trusty old coffee pot brews some bitter muck that helps you get through the morning, but you wouldn’t call it smart.

Sometimes, when you go shopping, you dare walk down the coffee maker aisle and “ooh” and “ah” at the pretty colors, frothers, and buttons. Smart coffee makers promise to fulfill your coffee dreams, and you imagine waking to the smell of coffee brewing itself in the morning, especially if you can do it through Bluetooth. Here are four smart coffee makers to energize you and your home.

[1] Smarter Coffee 2nd Generation

The second generation Smarter Coffee includes a built-in coffee grinder and a helpful autobrew feature. The smart coffee maker fits naturally into any modern home decor, and it comes with red or white panels to change out if black doesn’t suit your aesthetic. With a light-up display and four buttons, brew up to 12 cups of coffee, choose your strength, and start/stop the machine.  Select to use pre-ground coffee beans or grind your own. The grinder lets you choose how coarse of a ground you prefer with a dial.

Integrate smarter coffee with Amazon Alexa or Google assistant. Command your coffee maker to brew your coffee in the morning. It also has IFTTT support. Raise your blinds. Adjust your thermostat. Brew your cup of Joe. Waking up just got easier. An app allows you to autobrew when you walk in and have lingered nearby for two minutes, and the only downside is the pot keeps warm for 40 minutes.

[2] Nespresso Expert Espresso Machine

De’Longhi has long produced excellent coffee makers and the Nespresso Expert Expresso Machine produces single-serve coffee in four sizes including Espresso, Lungo, Americano and Ristretto, letting you decide what you prefer. The coffee maker works with the company’s brewing capsules, however, and comes with a 12-pack included in the package.

Brew your coffee from your phone via Bluetooth, and the machine will let you know if you’re low on capsules, helping you place an order for more. The maker heats up in 30 seconds and cuts off after nine minutes. Choose the temperature you want your coffee—medium, hot, or extra hot. This is more of a two-person chat or work-from-home kind of smart coffee pot.

[3] Chime Chai Maker

Traditional chai is more of a mindful practice than pushing a button on a machine, but the Chime Chai Maker gets the boiled water and milk and the proportions of masala and chai just right. You get a consistent chai experience within three minutes thanks to a push of a button. The brewing chamber, water reservoir, and control console work together to produce a single-cup of chai.

Chime uses recyclable capsules, or Chime cups, that produce the perfect chai. Brew your chai from the comfort of bed via Bluetooth. Once you make your perfect chai latte, compost the used capsule, and the pot will alert you when it needs a deep self-clean. Chime is currently available for pre-order on the company’s website.

[4] Saeco GranBaristo Avanti

If there were a religion devoted solely to coffee, would you join? If so, the Saeco GranBaristo Avanti is your machine of choice, and the price tag goes with it. What’s a few thousand dollars for the perfect cup of coffee?

If you get tired of the average cup of coffee, the GranBaristo Avanti can make a multitude of other coffee drinks with grinding capabilities to boot. Make a macchiato or red eye. You get a frother, grinder, espresso maker and drip machine in one. It comes with an app to make your brewing smarter and more convenient. The built-in water filter purifies your water, and the coffee will never taste burnt.

Brew the Perfect Coffee

These four smart coffee makers will make waking up in the morning easier and more refreshing. Spend less on the coffee shop and cultivate a gourmet experience right in your home.