Security Installation During the COVID-19 Pandemic

These are certainly unusual times, but we can look forward to getting back to normal again in the future. We aren’t quite sure what the transition will look like, but stores and schools will open, and we will eventually be able to come together in groups again. Everyone’s circumstances are different now, but we are here to support every one of you in getting your properties secured.

In this article, we want to highlight some concerns you may be facing about security installations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You Put Your Contracted Security Installation on Hold

First, ask yourself why the installation is on hold. Is your business closed and the property sitting empty? If so, now might be the best time to complete the installation while your building is vacant.

Installing a security system or completing an upgrade now will be less disruptive because there are no employees, students or customers that might be inconvenienced by the installation. With a number of jobs being put on hold; our waitlist is growing for jobs to be scheduled when the market reopens. Jump ahead of the line and get your project completed now so when you can reopen you are ready to go full steam ahead with one less thing to worry about.

While on the jobsite we are following all CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. If you prefer to be on-site while the job is being completed, we will be following social distancing rules and will not be exchanging any documents or handshakes.

Get Summer Installations Started with Video Walkthrough Evaluations

If you aren’t already contracted, there are ways we can walk through and evaluate your site now to start engineering a solution that will give you the best security and automation coverage. If you are comfortable with a salesperson walking the property, we are still able to do an onsite evaluation. But in many cases, our customers are opting to do video walkthroughs. With this option, we can include even more of our team on the initial walkthrough from sales, installation, and engineering. With this virtual team you know your system will provide you the security you need.

These virtual evaluations give us everything we need to provide you with a quote, the contract can be completed digitally, and we can schedule an install now or when your business reopens.

Project Considerations for Expansion and Upgrades

Maybe you had some upgrades in mind or need to add on additional equipment. You could possibly be adding more locations over the course of the next year. Start planning now. Get ahead of the curve with site evaluations, contracts and getting parts ordered so everything is ready to start the job. As of now there has been very little disruption to our supply chain, but as businesses start to reopen it is uncertain how the rush of business may affect ordering equipment and supplies to get the job done. Avoid delays, backorders and the waitlist by getting everything lined up with your rep now.

Get Your Security Prepared for the Future

You might be reevaluating your policies and procedures at this time, so you are more prepared in the future for unforeseen events. The transition back to open markets will not happen overnight. Social distancing measures will likely remain in place after businesses open and a majority of people will likely remain cautious.

You can protect your property by restricting access to the front door of your office buildings, schools, warehouses, etc. by adding security features like intercom entry, electronic door releases and even thermal imaging cameras so you know who is entering the building and have some insights into their health. Limit the number of people in your building by requiring appointments and not allowing walk-ins. Your employees and your customers will appreciate the extra precautions you are taking to keep everyone that interacts with your business safe and healthy.

BSG is open for business and ready to assist. Whether you have security concerns you need addressed now or upgrades you’ve been considering for the future we can help out. You can contact your rep now or call us at (855) 697-6278 for more information.