A few simple safety precautions can protect your shed against vulnerabilities.

How to Secure Your Shed

  1. Lock Up

    When not in use, your shed should remain locked. This is a simple and easy prevention tool that is, unfortunately, often forgotten. Burglars look for an easy-in, easy-out target. A locked shed is your first line of defense.  Ensure your lock is up to the job. Especially with wooden sheds, it is important that the hardware surrounding the lock is sturdy and cannot be easily ripped off. As a general rule, the screws that fasten your lock’s hardware should go in at least 1.0 to 1.5 inches.

  2. Keep Your Yard Well Lit

    To further deter burglars, schedule outdoor lights to turn on in the evening—regardless of whether someone is home. Go one step further, and install motion sensor lights on each side of the shed. These eliminate dark hiding places and will shine a spotlight on anyone who crosses your property’s threshold.

  3. Cover Windows

    Many burglars will look in shed windows to determine whether contents are worth the break-in. If your shed has windows, cover them with paper or curtains, or have them frosted. For added protection, install impact-resistant windows or glass-break sensors.

  4. Utilize Sensors

    The same sensor technology that you use within your home can be used in your shed. Place sensors on all doors and windows so that you are alerted if anyone tampers with your shed.

  5. Secure Ladders

    Ladders can be used by criminals to enter the second floor of your home. Therefore, they are often targets of shed break-ins. Make ladders harder to access by keeping them chained or locked within your shed.

  6. Organize Your Shed with Security in Mind

    Use an organizer or cubby system (preferably with locks) to keep dangerous tools out of sight.

  7. Secure Tools that Could Be Used to Break Into Your House

    Always lock tools that could facilitate a home break-in—i.e. crowbars, saws and bolt cutters.

  8. Keep Your Shed Organized

    An organized shed will also help you identify what has been taken if a break-in does occur.

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