Save up to $1,000 a year with these Energy Saving Tips

As temperatures fluctuate, there are savings to be found room by room in your home, using and home automation – along with minor adjustments in your energy use and appliance choices. Get started today, with these simple ways to cut your energy bill.

Just How Much can you Save on Summer Energy Costs? 
An easy, first step is to consider appliances which can use energy even when not turned on, and unplugging as many of these things as possible when they aren’t in use. (Examples include your TV, microwave, phone or laptop chargers, and computers.) Next, boost your energy savings with the following, additional tips:

Reduce Your Energy Use with these Simple, Daily Steps
Lower energy bills even further when you add these greener living tips to your daily routine:

Enjoy Energy Savings from Programmable Thermostats and Easy Home Automation 
Automating or creating a smart home can do more than add convenience and comfort to your life. According to the Department of Energy, smart thermostats and apps make it easy to control the temperature of your home, saving energy and money.  It’s one of the first steps we recommend as part of our free consultations and when homeowners ask us how to use smart home automation and energy management solutions to trim their electric bills. There are three primary ways of automating your home helps reduce your energy use and saves you money. A home automation system allows you to:

Know How Much Energy Your Appliances Actually Use
Doing your research and knowing your energy facts help make you a wiser energy consumer and cut high electric bills. (Remember: If you have an energy management or home automation system in place, it can help pinpoint which appliances use the most energy and allow you to better control them – reducing their consumption and cost.) Knowing the following facts and learning more at can help too:

Combining these energy stats with the above tips puts you well on the way to cutting high electric bills.

Additional Home Savings for Families with Alarm Monitoring
Because we also offer alarm monitoring in addition to energy management services, we can’t overlook an additional savings opportunity for homeowners: If your home has a monitored security system, don’t forget to add up the savings off your home insurance premiums, which can be up to 20 percent a year.