Most of the time when we think about home security, we think about residential alarm systems such as door alarms and glass break or motion detectors—good investments that are intended to help keep your home and family safe from intruders and burglars. But the malicious activities of human agents are just a few of the many things that can damage your home and endanger your family, and fully integrated residential alarm systems are designed to help protect you from all sorts of threats.

That means having smoke detectors, heat detectors, carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, and even water detectors that are not just kept in good working order, but are also wired up to the rest of your home security system so that they’re ready to notify you, fire and rescue, or other emergency services at a moment’s notice.

Most houses are equipped with basic smoke and heat detectors, which usually do a great job of detecting the presence of smoke in the room or sudden heat changes and triggering audible alerts that can help keep your family safe by alerting you of a fire or even jolting you out of bed should a blaze begin while you are asleep. But most of these smoke and heat detection devices aren’t hooked up to your residential alarm system panel or monitored by BSG. So, while they may provide a great warning system if you happen to be home, if a fire starts while you’re away and there’s no one around to hear the alarm, the house may be a total loss by the time the fire trucks arrive.

Many CO detectors work along similar lines—they’re designed to warn your family of the presence of dangerous levels of carbon monoxide when you’re already in the home. But if there’s a buildup of CO while you’re away, you may not learn about it until you walk in the door, unless you have CO detectors that are wired into your residential alarm systems and can alert you of the danger while you’re out.

While fire may be the first danger that many people think of when it comes to damage to their home, water can be nearly as big a culprit. If your basement floods and your sump pump doesn’t work—maybe because the power is out—the damages could be extremely expensive. That’s where products like a water detector come in. The water sensors are tripped whenever water is present where it shouldn’t be, and can be wired directly into your residential alarm system to let you know before the damage gets too bad.

While we may be known for our commercial and residential alarm systems, BSG Security in San Antonio is in the business of helping homeowners all over the San Antonio area protect their homes, their belongings, and the people they love in more ways than one. From water sensors to CO detectors to smoke and fire alarms, we can help you install all the protection you need to help keep your home safe from whatever might come along, and we can wire it all into your residential alarm systems so that help is on the way when you need it. To learn more about how residential alarm systems can help protect your home from more than just break-ins, contact A BSG Expert today.