Theft Prevention

At least 2.5 million burglaries occur annually. Majority of these burglaries happen when there are no occupants inside the home, during work and school hours. 23,000 Americans have had their packages stolen from their porch or mailbox. The worst part is that only about 13 percent of the burglaries that occur do the burglars actually get caught. A Camera doorbell will work as a surveillance camera and will help the police identify the burglar in a more timely manner.

Unexpected Visitors

Occasionally, we are overloaded with the amount of work and errands we have to complete. We tend to forget about guests that are scheduled to arrive for dinner, or your friends and family wanted to surprise you with a visit. It would be more pleasurable if you were still able to respond to them without them having the inconvenience to make a phone call to you.

Motion Activated

Most of your surveillance systems require to go through hours of footage just for you to find what you are searching for. Camera Doorbells have motion sensors to activate your camera. Your camera will stay on when there is movement in range of the camera. You will conserve time and effort with the help of this feature.

Infrared Feature

Burglars try to be vigilant and tactical. Some will try to break in at night when they think they are not visible enough for a detailed description. Not all surveillance cameras have Infrared LED’s. Camera Doorbells have a built in Infrared LED’s for viewing physical characteristics of any person or object during the nighttime.

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