Product Description:

The Qolsys IQ Panel 4 is the latest version of the IQ Panel from Qolsys. It improves on many of the amazing features of the IQ Panel 2+. It also adds some serious audio improvements going from 2 speakers with 1 Watt each to 4 speakers with 4 Watts each. In addition, you can add a base to the keypad if you want it on the tabletop that can add deeper sound.

Designed to become the foundation for a comprehensive system, the Qolsys IQ4 panel works with any Z-Wave device from any certified Z-Wave manufacturer. Use the to manage Z-Wave and Qolsys IQ4 security sensors, lights, locks, thermostats, appliances and more. One hardwire zone also allows connection of third-party wired security sensor, siren, module, etc.

Includes GSM cellular backup communicator so if the internet or house phone lines aren’t working the system still communicates with the monitoring station.

Free Home Security System Includes:

  • [1] Qolsys IQ4 Panel
  • [3] Door/Window Contacts
  • [1] NEW Outdoor Wireless Contact Sensor
  • [1]  Infrared Motion Detector
  • [1] Video Doorbell Camera
  • $0 Payments 30 days!
  • No Money Down
  • Professional Installation by Licensed Technician

Outdoor Wireless Contact Sensor

The Outdoor Wireless Contact Sensor expands the reach of security systems to outdoor areas, providing timely notification when outdoor gates or doors are opened. Able to handle harsh temperature conditions, this sensor is ideal for wide gaps when a typical contact sensor is insufficient.

The Outdoor Wireless Contact Sensor will ship with a 2-year limited warranty.