All-In-One Wireless Smart Home Security Panel


S-Line Encrypted Sensor Technology, 5MP Panel Camera, Bluetooth Touchless Disarming, Dual Path Communication with LTE and Wi-Fi

Qolsys IQ 2 Panel 1

New 7” HD touchscreen Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Wireless Security Systems

The award-winning Qolsys IQ Panel 2 makes this kind of security, autonomy, and connectivity a reality. It turns your home into a smart ecosystem you can control from anywhere in the world via smartphone with features that keep you and your family connected and secure.

Imagine walking out the door of your home knowing the lights would turn off, the doors would lock, and the alarm would arm without you even having to lift a finger to do any of it and that your house would automatically disarm itself for you when you got back.

Qolsys IQ Panel 2TOP 10 FEATURES

Qolsys is one of the leading providers of security and smartphone technology, and when it released the IQ2 Alarm Panel during the 2016 ISC West, it garnered a lot of attention. It was a revolutionary approach to design and integration that set the IQ alarm panel apart from the competition. If you have been looking for a smart home security system that does it all, then look no further than the Qolsys IQ2 home security panel.

This isn’t your old security alarm panel with a multi-segment or dot matrix display. The alarm Panel IQ2 has a 7” HD capacitive touchscreen display with multi-gesture capability, 1280 x 800 resolution and 24-bit color. This design makes for comfortable controls and a panel that looks good in your home.

01. Geofencing

Did you ever leave home and forget to lock the door, adjust the temperature, turn off the lights, close the garage, arms your security? You need to raise your panel alarm IQ2. When you leave home, your systems knows and automates everything making your home secure, energy efficient and safer.  Keep your home connected when you create Geofences around your residence, office building, and anywhere else.

02. S-Line Superior Encryption

The security system in your home can be thought of like the protective layer of your home while encryption can be thought of as your security system’s protective layer.  Systems from other carriers have in recent years been hacked with some basic programming and vital over-the-counter fobs thus allowing intruders to gain access to homes. With the IQ 2 Panel, this is never an issue.

3. Next Gen LTE Communications

LTE attains for Long Term Evolution, and it is the standard with regards to high-speed communication for cell phones along with other wireless devices.   LTE communication allows for faster, more reliable speeds and future-proof connectivity. Qolsys combines Wi-Fi with LTE for simultaneous dual-path connectivity.

The IQ 2 Panel contains the Qualcomm Snapdragon System on a Chip (SOC) that includes a built-in LTE radio. The dual-path connectivity of Qolsys that combines LTE and Wi-Fi for creative flexibility and redundancy as well as a high-speed channel for software updates and communication to and from the cloud leverages the LTE radio.

4. Dual Path Connectivity

People were tired of buying security alarm systems only for them to become outdated within a few months. Qolsys provided a solution to this problem by ensuring that Panel 2 is genuinely “Future proof.”

If you choose the IQ2 Security Panel, you never have to worry about missing the next set of features since you can update the software over the air (OTA). While it is not the only home security panel with this feature, it is quite a useful feature to have. Equipped with dual-band Wi-Fi, the IQ Panel 2 connects easily with your home internet connection.

5. Z-Wave Plus

Z-Wave Plus technology is an advanced certification program for identifying products that use the Z-wave hardware platform also known as Gen 5 Z-Wave.  The newest Z-Wave Plus technology gives this panel a more extensive operating range and the ability to control an unlimited array of smart home security technologies.

Products that are Z-Wave Plus certified feature a select set of extended capabilities and features that enhance your experience with more comfortable and faster setup and installation. Z-Wave Plus advancements also provide faster operation, longer battery life, improved noise immunity, and better wireless range.

6. Bluetooth Touchless Disarming

The IQ2 Panel comes with a Bluetooth radio system that allows users to pair up to 5 tablets or smartphones for Bluetooth Touchless Disarming. If the panel is armed in “away” mode, you just need to come within range, and it disarms automatically.

Bluetooth Touchless Disarming increases both user satisfaction and engagement, which means that you can just leave your phone in your pocket or handbag and the security system will disarm automatically once you get home.

It is secure, encrypted, and individually authenticated. It also allows for automation rules such as “unlock the front door and turn on the porch light when the system is disarmed by an authorized user” so that your home became unlocked and disarmed as you approach. That means you don’t have to go right to the panel when you come home; it will recognize your device and disarm the system wirelessly.

7. Glass-Break Detection

The IQ 2 uses built-in stereo microphones, and a quad-core processor that use custom algorithms to detect the difference between a dropped glass and a breaking window and will alert you in case an intruder breaks in. For the best coverage, the panel should be centrally located to detect the most windows in your home.

8. Android 5.1 OS (Upgradable)

Technology can sometimes be a pain, and it can be hard to learn how to use some platforms. Older systems typically don’t provide software updates. Fortunately, this is no longer an issue with the IQ2 Panel since it uses the Android 5 operating system that’s upgradable, familiar, intuitive, as well as future proof. The IQ Panel 2 uses Android software, which means that it will be incredibly familiar to anybody that has ever used a smartphone.

9. Built-In 5MP Camera

People typically have video cameras with their alarm systems, but not many have a camera built inside the keypad. The Qolsys IQ Panel 2 security comes with a 5MP camera that captures disarm photos whenever someone tries to access the system settings using an invalid code along with the date and time it was disarmed. The images are then sent directly to your smartphone thus helping you see who entered your home. If you have children at home, this can be a huge benefit.

10. Digital Photo Frame

When the IQ 2 Panel isn’t in use, you have the option to display a weather/clock screen or to use the screen as a digital photo frame. Camouflage the home security panel or also hide it on a small side table or kitchen countertop using the customs counter mount option. The built-in Micro SD card slot allows you to load your own photos as the screensaver.

Qolsys IQ 2 Panel 2

Never Race to Your Home Security Panel Again

Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity for up to 5 devices, you’ll never have to race to shut off you alarm again. Your IQ 2 will do it for you as your walking through the door. Plus, you’ll be notified whenever the system arms/disarms itself.

Know Who is Coming And Going

Whenever someone arms or disarms the system, either with their device or from the IQ 2 touch panel itself, you’ll know who it was. The panel comes with a 5 MP camera that automatically takes a picture and sends it to you when the system is disarmed.

Get Alerted When There’s a Break-in

The IQ2 comes standard with a built in glass break detector-something that you won’t find on any other home security panel like this. It uses dual microphones and software to sense when a window is broken and automatically alerts you.