The holidays are a time of joy, spending time with friends and family, and exchanging thoughtful gifts with your nearest and dearest. What the holidays are not for is having those thoughtful gifts stolen from your front porch before you can even get to them! With the increase in online shopping, comes the increase in dishonest people who take advantage of you not being home when a package is delivered. According to a survey by, 23 million Americans had packages stolen from their homes last year! While preventing every front porch package theft is impossible, there are some things you can do to deter it from happening to you.

  1. Pick up your package from the local post office or FedEx or UPS store.
    Sure, this is less convenient then having it delivered to your front door, but it’ll give you peace of mind knowing your packages aren’t sitting on your front porch all day waiting for someone to possibly take them. FedEx and UPS will even hold your package for up to five business days free of charge.
  1. Use signature confirmation for valuable packages.
    There are some items you may feel comfortable having left on your front porch, and then there are some more expensive items you want delivered directly into your hands. In this case, you can ask the sender for signature confirmation. If you’re not home to sign, the delivery service will take your package to the local post office or facility for you to pick up at your convenience.
  1. Track your packages.
    Technology is great, isn’t it?! With the ability to know where your packages are at all times, you can get an estimated date and time of arrival. This way, if you know your package will be delivered on a Wednesday around 11:30am, you can swing by your house on your lunch break to put it inside. If you know you won’t be in the vicinity of your home, you can enlist a trusted neighbor to hold onto your package until you get back.
  1. Point your security camera at your front porch.
    Security cameras are an integral part of any security system and can give you that added peace of mind when you’re not at home. Not only can you use your security camera to see if a package has been left on your porch, but you can also use it to record any potential theft that may occur and use the footage to help the police catch them.
  1. Adopt new smart home technology.
    New technology, like smart doorbells, can allow you to view your front porch from your smartphone should motion be detected. You’ll also get an alert when the delivery person rings your doorbell to deliver your package. You can take this a step further and open the garage for them to leave the package inside. Being able to control your home from your smartphone can add convenience and additional peace of mind during the holiday season.
  1. Advertise your security system.
    Yes, it may be an eyesore compared to those beautiful twinkling lights, lawn reindeer, and holiday wreaths, but your yard sign and window/door stickers play an important role in alerting potential criminals that your home is protected with a security system.


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