Keep Your Kids Safe with our Pool Safety Tips

There is no better way for the family to beat the summer heat than enjoying a nice cool dip in the local pool. We’ll cover our top pool safety tips to help keep your children safe all summer long.

Active Supervision

While choosing a pool with a life guard is a great first step to safety, it is simply not enough. Life guards are responsible for monitoring a large number of children, so it is extremely important to actively watch your kids.

With all this being said, you can still enjoy some ‘me’ time at the pool to catch up on your social media feed or devour a chapter in your current must read. The key is to have a designated Water Watcher. The Water Watcher is similar to a designated driver; they are responsible for being an undistracted pool watcher and sport a badge that reminds them of the importance of their duty. Parents can work together in shifts to ensure the safety of their children, while each getting a little time to themselves.

Pool Safety Education

Poolside education for the whole family is key for keeping everyone safe during the summer. Drowning is usually silent and can happen very quickly, that’s why it is important for everyone to be able to recognize the signs, so action can be taken quickly:

It is recommended parents should:

It is recommended children should:



It’s important for us to protect our little one’s skin and eyes from the harmful effects of the sun.

For a summer of endless fun, keep these tips in mind.  Contact a BSG expert to learn more about keeping your family safe 855-MYSMARTHOME.