When it comes to modern commercial security in San Antonio, the vital role of commercial security cameras cannot be overstated—especially when you’re dealing with outside areas like parking lots, green spaces, courtyards, and even rooftops. While perimeter access controls and alarm systems can help protect the interior of your building, most businesses also have exterior areas that need commercial security solutions, and there are no better outdoor deterrents available than commercial security cameras.

Even the simple presence of exterior cameras can go a long way toward helping ward off theft, vandalism, assaults, and other crimes. Commercial security cameras are a highly visible reminder that you take the security of your business, your customers, and your employees seriously, and potential thieves and other troublemakers will take the hint.

Plus, commercial security cameras are easy to install outside of buildings, are often built to withstand the elements, and can be monitored from just about anywhere, giving your in-house security team and facilities managers a lot of options when it comes to modern commercial security in San Antonio. Of course, which commercial security camera is right for you will depend on the needs of your business, and the spaces you want to monitor.

There are a lot of factors that go into selecting the right external commercial security cameras for your business, including weather resistance, power supply, lens type, available lighting, and more. Some cameras record only in color, while others use infrared and other night-vision technology, and many capture and store data using DVR technology. Some of the most popular commercial security cameras include Network/IP cameras, and many businesses today use 360 degree cameras as part of their commercial security packages, to ensure that they get the best quality data.

It doesn’t matter whether you need a camera to guard a hot spot or a remote location. Cameras are perfect for keeping tabs on high traffic areas, and also on places that aren’t visited as frequently. From parking lots and sidewalks to alleyways, bin areas, walkways between buildings, green spaces, break areas, construction areas, loading docks, and even rooftops, a camera can make a huge difference to the security of your business—and your peace of mind. While you may not have thought about installing commercial security cameras on your building’s rooftop, you may change your mind when you learn that air conditioner units make tempting targets for would-be thieves, and that copper theft is presently a billion-dollar business in the United States.

No matter what kind of area you’re trying to protect, BSG for Business Security Systems in San Antonio can help you to select the right outdoor commercial security cameras for your business. BSG has been providing commercial security in San Antonio for more than 20 years, and we’ve got a wide range of commercial security cameras to meet every need. Want to learn more? Contact BSG for Business Security today 855-697-6278!