Moving homes can be a difficult and lengthy process. People move for a variety of reasons, whether it is for a larger house, better location, or affordability. Those reasons change depending on the person, couple, or family, but one factor should remain consistent—you should not overlook the home’s security. Read ahead for a new homeowner’s guide to safety.

Whether you are currently looking at moving into a new home or you just recently moved, there are simple ways to make your home a safer place.

  1. Check for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on all floors and specifically near bedrooms. Carbon Monoxide is an odorless gas, making it hard to detect. Fires can cause serious damage in minimal time as well as threaten lives. When seconds are critical, you want to be protected from carbon monoxide and fire. I recommend monitored fire and carbon monoxide detectors to get immediate action.
  2. Ask the Professionals. Have an electrician come to check the electrical, especially in older homes where electrical fires can become more likely. Other items to have experts check for include lead paint, asbestos, and flammable materials.
  3. Check the fence perimeter. You want to make sure the fence is closed and secure. This is specifically important for someone like me who owns a dog. However, fences can also provide safety to children and can be locked to provide an additional barrier around the home from intrusions.
  4. Optimize outdoor lighting. Check and make sure any existing outdoor lighting is working and in good condition. Install motion sensor lights near entrances for added protection.
  5.  Remove mouse traps or rat poison. Check your new home for any mouse traps or rat poison that the previous owners may have left behind. These can be extremely dangerous to curious children or pets and should be removed immediately. Don’t forget to check the garage!
  6. Check the neighborhood crime rates by using sites such as

Crimes like burglaries can happen in any neighborhood. Feel safe and protected with a security system from BSG  855-MYSMARTHOME.