Approximately 66% of all burglaries are residential break-ins. Residential home security is so important. If you’re a homeowner in the United States, one of your main responsibilities is to keep yourself, your family, and all your belongings safe and secure.

Unfortunately, homeowners constantly make both minor and major mistakes when it comes to protecting their homes. Their safety, well-being, and assets are put in jeopardy as a result.

Here are some of those mistakes homeowners often make that you should avoid at all costs:

Not installing quality home security systems

The only way to fully ensure that your home and everything in it is protected is to have a working security system inside and outside your home. If you’re away on vacation, for example, though these cameras can’t physically deter any criminals from breaking in, they will certainly invoke fear in the burglars. Even if these burglars decide to go through with the burglary, quality home security systems will capture their movement on video and the authorities will be able to identify them shortly after.

Posting too much info on social media

Posting too much personal information on social media is not only annoying, it’s also dangerous. Criminals are just as tech savvy as everyone else, so they will notice if you’re posting any family vacation pics or other info that could tip them off to an empty home. Post all the family vacation pictures you want, just be mindful of when you’re posting them, and consider waiting until you’ve already returned home.

Being careless about the trash

Never leave boxes of expensive items out on the front curb. If possible, take any large boxes to a trash center and properly dispose of them. Criminals may browse through neighborhoods and look for homes that recently purchased new flat screen TVs or other expensive items.

Leaving a spare key in an obvious spot

That welcome mat or fake rock on the porch isn’t as great of a hiding spot as you originally thought. Burglars know all about the best hiding spots, so it’s time to either get creative with where you hide a key or find a better option. There are digital key locks that you can get now that work much better than traditional keys.

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