Kitchen Safety Tips for Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a time for families to bond and enjoy fun times together, but unfortunately for some, it ends in tragedy. The United States Fire Administration reports that residential fires occur 2.3 times more on Thanksgiving than any other day. We want everyone to have a memorable Thanksgiving for happy reasons and not sad. So, here are some kitchen safety tips to help you navigate the day safely.

Remain Alert When Cooking in the Kitchen

This tip may seem ridiculous, but you’d be surprised just how careless some people can be. Cooking fires are the leading cause of residential fires on Thanksgiving Day at 77 percent. Follow these tips to reduce the possibility of injuries or fires in your kitchen.

Proactive Security Precautions Help Keep You Safe

Being proactive with your home security and safety is critical and may save someone’s life one day. You can prevent fires by keeping your stovetop and oven clean. Dust and grease increase the likelihood of a fire.

Test your smoke alarms regularly to make sure the batteries are still working. Simply press the button on the detector to test it.

Be Careful When Deep-frying Your Turkey

Deep-frying the Thanksgiving Turkey has increased in popularity, but there are many hazards with this process. If you choose this method to cook the turkey, keep these safety tips in mind.

Follow these tips for a safe Thanksgiving filled with great memories and happiness. Read here for more residential safety tips.

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