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How to Stay Secure When Opening a New Business or Changing Locations

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How to Stay Secure When Opening a New Business or Changing Locations

Opening a new business, changing your existing location, or opening a new location brings a unique set of challenges — especially when it comes to your business security system.  You want to make sure that your business is adequately protected and that you’re able to monitor the comings and goings of both staff and customers, and you want to be able to do it from any location.  Installing a quality business security system is the best way to maintain the security of your business, and your own peace of mind.

Here’s what you need to know about business security systems.

The Importance of a Quality Business Security System

Every business needs a quality security system. They serve a number of valuable purposes, including:

  • Letting burglars know that your business is protected. In many cases, this makes you less likely to become a target, as burglars (obviously) prefer businesses that aren’t protected.
  • Maintaining the professional appearance of your company and letting your clients know that you mean business — high-quality business professionals invest in the security of their clients.
  • Saving on your insurance — many insurance companies offers discounts when you install a business security system.
  • Alerting emergency response personnel immediately if something goes wrong at your business.
  • Protecting against lawsuits — a business security system will provide video proof of what happened during any incidents that took place at your business.

Intrusion Detection

When you think of a security system, it’s likely that the first thing you think of is intrusion detection. If someone attempts to break into your business, you’ll know immediately, even if it’s after hours. Not only that, your security system will also alert the police that there’s been an intruder detected. And by using video verification and security and event monitoring services, you can confirm to the authorities that an intruder caused the alarm, ensuring that the authorities are prepared when they are dispatched to your business.

Visitor management solutions also allow you to tell exactly who has been coming and going at any time — including people who have the right to be there, or who only have the right to be there during certain hours.

Access Control

Your cleaning crew might need to be able to access the building after work hours, but they don’t need to come in the middle of the night. Likewise, an employee who only works 9-5 doesn’t need to be in the building at 6 in the morning. Access control allows you to decide who can be in your building at any given moment. It’s not one-size-fits-all access like you get with a traditional keyed entry system; instead, it’s access that’s customized specifically to your business’s needs. These security systems are always on, always working, and always controlling vital access to critical areas within your business. You can even use your security system to discover which areas of the building specific members of your staff are able to access.

Video Surveillance

Keeping an eye on what’s happening at your business isn’t just about being there yourself or having a security or loss prevention team in place. Have you ever felt the need to check in on your employees during the day? Do you want the ability to look around your workplace at any time using the tools available to you? Want real-time monitoring? Video surveillance allows you to take a look at your business’s history, see who has been coming and going, and make sure that the card or key code used to access an area actually belonged to the person who used it. You can also program cameras to start recording immediately if they sense motion during certain times of the day, keeping those off-limits areas completely off-limits even when it seems as though no one is there to see. Video surveillance is a critical part of security for any type of business, but retailers and researchers, in particular, can benefit from increased video surveillance throughout the day.

Controlling access to your business and protecting it from thieves is a critical part of maintaining your integrity in the business community, protecting your assets, and ensuring that your business is able to grow and thrive. By installing a quality security system, you can keep your business well-protected from any threats that may come your way. Even better, you can monitor what’s happening at your business at any time, providing incredible peace of mind that you just can’t put a price on.

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