It’s that time again! School is letting out for the summer and you might have decided that this is going to be the first summer your children are going to be home alone. Experts say it’s okay to be feeling nervous but know this is also an opportunity to let them grow and gain more responsibilities. Before your children start hanging out of the house, have you noticed how much security you have on them? We are giving you ideas to not only set up your children with success this summer but also give you the feel knowing they are safe and secure.

General Safety Tips

  1. Layout emergency contact information for your children. These numbers should be the parent’s cell phone and work numbers, the closest family member or neighbor that can come to the house, and 911.
  2. Build a first aid kit and teach your children how to use them. Show them what to use in certain situations and when it is necessary to call 911.
  3. Set boundaries and rules with your children. Let them know if playing outside this is the area to stay in. Let them know when can they access the pool and where they can go with which friends. Certain ages will allow certain rules and boundaries.
  4. Establish a trusted neighbor where your children can go to if they are scared or need an adult. These neighbors should be someone you can count on and who don’t mind checking in on them occasionally. Before choosing this neighbor to make sure your child feels comfortable with them.
  5. Stress to your child about the importance of drinking water and staying hydrated. Always have easy access to water bottles.


Besides setting rules and boundaries, here are some of our smart home features that can help protect your children this summer:


Mobile Notifications 

Mobile Notifications sent straight to your phone will not only be your new lifesaver but will save you from taking off from work. We all have had that day of locking ourselves out of the house, now with notifications, you can not only unlock the door from your phone but also get a notification when the door wasn’t locked.

You can get alerts on:


Is this your child’s first summer home alone? Keep cameras around the house to ensure your child is safe and protected. Having multiple cameras in spots you feel troublesome like a kitchen, garage, back door or front door. The luxury of having cameras is being able to tune into a live feed. You can check to make sure they are using everything in the kitchen safely, if they are playing outside or even if they are watching too much TV.

Another feature is the doorbell camera. You can check to see who is ringing the doorbell and who is stepping inside. This will protect your child from intruders or simply knowing what family members and friends are visiting.

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