You may not realize it, but your front door could be the easiest way for a burglar to access your home. While it might be convenient, a mail slot can pose a threat to your safety and could be an unintended invitation to criminals. They may be able to slip a wire or a cord, and in some cases even their arm, through a mail slot and unlock the door to your home in seconds.

Door mail slot security is a serious concern and addressing it may just save your valuables or even your life. Here are a few tips to help burglar-proof your mail slot today.

Install a Mail Slot Cover, Cage or Box

One thing you can do to invest in your home’s door mail slot security is to install a mail slot cover, cage or box. A mail slot cover will prevent anyone from sticking his or her hands inside your mail slot from the outside. Mail slot cages, bags, and boxes catch the mail when it comes through the slot and make it more difficult for a potential intruder to slip in a wire, cord, or an arm.

Unfortunately, these measures, while they are a good first step to securing your mail slot, will not prevent the most tenacious of intruders from gaining access to your home. In addition, while you may be able to record their illegal entry on an outdoor wireless security camera, wouldn’t it be better if they never got a chance to get in at all?

Install a Double Deadbolt

Better than a bag, box, or cover, a second deadbolt, properly installed at greater than arm’s length from your mail slot, can be a great deterrent to potential intruders looking to gain entry through your front door.

Make sure that you purchase a good quality lock and that it is reinforced to prevent it from being popped out by a burglar. This step, while better than a simple mail slot cover, still will not compensate for the way in which a mail slot, cut across the grain of a wood door, compromises your front door’s structural integrity.

Get a New Door

For the ultimate in door mail slot security, you are best off simply replacing your front door all together, and investing in a locked, high-security, exterior mailbox. It is less convenient, but as long as you have an outdoor wireless security camera so you can ensure your safety while retrieving the mail, you will improve the security of your home and your loved ones considerably.

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