[fusion_dropcap boxed=”no” boxed_radius=”” class=”” id=”” color=””]W[/fusion_dropcap]ith all the things that now connect to the Internet, you can easily get caught up in all the cool, new additions to your smart home and forget about the one thing that makes them all work—your internet connection.

Your home network is the brain that keeps your smart home smart. Adding too many smart devices without considering the bandwidth they use could lead to a sluggish connection that makes all those smart products seem pretty dull.

You can keep your smart home vibrant by ensuring you have enough internet speed to handle everything on your network. Fortunately, most accessories that make up smart homes and the Internet of Things (IoT) don’t use much bandwidth, and you can easily accommodate for those that do.

Smart Accessories with Video Use the Most Bandwidth

How Much Internet Speed Does Your Smart Home Need? 2

In general, smart homes don’t use a lot of bandwidth, but there are a few exceptions. Most smart home devices use your internet only in quick bursts when you need them to execute a command. While some smart speakers are always connected to the Internet, like Google Home, they still mainly use the connection in short bursts.

For example, if you ask Amazon’s Alexa to dim the lights in the kitchen, the Echo device that receives the command will briefly use the Internet to send the request to the smart bulbs in the kitchen. Then, those smart bulbs will briefly use the internet to receive the message. But, once the signal is received and the bulbs are dimmed, the smart bulbs won’t use any bandwidth until the next command or scheduled event. Similarly, the idle Echo speaker will use only a minimal amount of bandwidth, if any.

The same is true for most of the IoT, but things like doorbell cams and security cameras are the exceptions. Streaming video from these devices consumes a lot of data. Even with a doorbell cam that only records when it senses motion, uploading that video so you can monitor it can take almost 5 Mbps, as will downloading it to your phone.

How to Account for Your Smart Home Bandwidth

How Much Internet Speed Does Your Smart Home Need? 3

While no individual component of your smart home demands a lot of internet speed, if you fail to account for it when choosing your internet service package, it could cause frustrating slowdowns. So, you should make sure your internet subscription has enough speed to handle all your regular online activities, plus a little extra for your smart home.

To figure out how much internet speed you need for your online activities, try this simple