How Much Does Boerne Alarm Monitoring Cost?

When we design a Boerne home security system with our customers, we also determine how to best monitor their alarm system. Of course, part of this discussion also involves seeing how different monitoring services will impact customers’ monthly alarm monitoring fees. A simple Google search of average alarm monitoring costs show huge ranges of potential prices. In this post, we hope to explain the many factors that affect the cost of alarm monitoring. We will begin by focusing on specific monitoring services that we offer. The wide array of monitoring services available often surprises customers. With this in mind, we’ll explain what these options entail.

Furthermore, we will discuss which options fit both the “basic” and “unique” categories. Monitoring an alarm system always involves a monthly fee. Knowing what features you need and what additional features you have available will prove helpful. Finally, we’ll also look at how different business models affect the cost of alarm monitoring. Each security system provider approaches their installation and monitoring pricing differently. Therefore, looking at these different approaches can help explain differences in monitoring costs between different security companies. Now, let’s get started with looking at the different types of alarm monitoring services we offer!

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Different Levels of Boerne Alarm Monitoring Services

As we’ve already pointed out, we offer a variety of alarm monitoring options. Generally, overall monitoring costs rise as customers select more options. However, some options can help customers save money overall, even as monitoring costs rise (more on that later). In this section, we will focus on some unique monitoring concepts. First, we will cover traditional, phone-based monitoring. From there, we will discuss cellular monitoring options. Many families’ lack of hard phone lines have made this a very popular means of monitoring. Finally, we will share some of the most unique options that we provide. As a “one-stop shop” security provider, we attempt to provide monitoring that fits a wide variety of security needs. Now, let’s look at the type of monitoring service that most people think of when they think of alarm monitoring.

Boerne Alarm Monitoring Cost

When you monitor your alarm using traditional phone lines, outages in phone service can affect your security.

Phone-Line Based Monitoring

Often called “traditional” alarm monitoring, phone-line based monitoring represents the oldest form of monitoring. This service involves tying existing phone lines into an alarm system. This connection allows the panel to dial out to our central station