How Much Does A Home Security System Cost?

Let’s say a homeowner wants to purchase a brand new home security system and have it professionally monitored. What’s that system going to cost them if they buy it in San Antonio or Austin?

When it comes to pricing, you need to make sure you know what you’re getting for your money. Realistically, the price will vary from homeowner to homeowner. But generally, homeowners should plan their budgets around two cost factors:

These are wide price ranges. So we don’t blame you for wondering what goes into them. If we break these installation and monitoring prices down, we get:

This article looks at all of these price factors in greater detail. We’ll also look at ways a homeowner in San Antonio or Austin can save money on their security systems with tax breaks, insurance policies and more.


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The cost of a security system installation

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As we mentioned above, the price of a security system installation ranges between $199 and $1,000+ for most residential properties in San Antonio or Austin. But we can break this price range down by looking at three important price factors:

Factor #1: Labor

When a security company provides a quote for an installation, they’re factoring in how many hours it will take to complete that job. Bigger jobs require more labor and have a higher total cost. 

Labor costs vary wildly between contractors. Even if two security companies can complete the job in exactly the same time, the cost of labor will almost certainly be different because of the differences in hourly rates.

Some of the reasons for higher labor rates include:

One way to avoid labor costs altogether is to purchase a DIY security system. These systems, however, carry risks which are worth noting:

Price factor #2: Equipment

It will come as no surprise that equipment costs will carry the largest price tag of a professional installation. And the more equipment a homeowner purchases, the more expensive the install. 

Some of the most popular security equipment we install include:


Modern security equipment gives homeowners access to their homes from anywhere.

Importantly, if you already have equipment, and just want monitoring, you can save quite a bit in labor and equipment costs. In fact, at BSG, it’s always free to switch monitoring.

Ongoing monitoring costs

Professional monitoring is a recurring service billed to the homeowner once a month. The cost of monthly monitoring varies significantly, anywhere from $14.95 /m to $49.95 /m or more. That said the majority of San Antonio or Austin households should expect to pay around $39.95 a month per month for professional monitoring plus smart home automation.

Two factors primarily affect the cost of ongoing monitoring: the type of monitoring and the number of sensors which are being monitored.

Type of monitoring: landline or cellular?

Two types of monitoring are available for homeowners: cellular and landline.

Number of sensors being monitored

The more sensors that are tracked by a monitoring company, the more it will cost to monitor that property. 

Security sensors are made to monitor for different emergencies. They can be broken down into two types:

Three ways your security system saves you money

Homeowners can save money on their security installations and monthly monitoring bill with the help of:

Lastly, if your security system prevents even one burglary, you’ve just protected thousands of dollars in potential losses.

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Our goal at BSG is to give you the best security system for your budget. We hope this article helps you set a reasonable budget based on the realities of a security system installation in San Antonio or Austin.

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