Shoplifting is on the rise and has taken two forms. Organized retail theft is the work of shoplifting rings that resell the items; targeting bigger retailers. Then there are opportunistic shoplifters, people who don’t walk in planning to steal something but spot an opportunity and decide to grab an item. It is fair to say, nearly three-fourths of shoplifting events fall into this unplanned category. How can you improve your business security and prevent shoplifting of both kinds? Try these tips.

Design Your Store to Foil Shoplifters

Ensure your store has enough open space to allow you to see all areas of the store. A cluttered space makes it easier to steal. If you have high shelves or secluded corners, use convex mirrors that allow you to see these “hidden” areas from the cash register. Merchandise these areas with products that are bulky and hard to steal. Consider putting valuable items in locked cases so that customers need the help of a salesperson to access them. Place your checkout counter near the middle front of the store so it’s centrally located and so customers have to pass by while leaving.

Send Warning Signals

Installing mirrors or video monitoring security cameras can convince thieves to go elsewhere or scare opportunistic shoplifters out of acting. Post signs saying, “Shoplifters Will Be Prosecuted” to indicate that you take shoplifting seriously. You can also post signs saying that the store is protected by security cameras. Even if customers can’t see the cameras, they will likely think they are hidden or disguised.

Implement Facial Recognition Software

If you are using video surveillance, you can also increase security by integrating facial recognition software. This software will analyze every shopper who enters your store and compare them with known shoplifters. If the system recognizes a known shoplifter, it will automatically send an alert to the store manager or loss prevention specialist, so they can effectively deal with the issue.

Hiring a Full-Time Security Guard

Hiring a full-time security guard is a good retail-theft prevention choice. Educating your general employees to spot shoplifters/other dishonest employees is helpful. But their primary job is to engage customers and not just keep an eye on them .They are bound to get distracted. It is in these situations that a dedicated security guard can be invaluable, keeping an eye on all incoming/outgoing traffic as well as employees. Uniformed guards are a great visual deterrent, but also have the potential for making loyal customers uncomfortable.

Adopt Mobile Point of Sale System

A mobile point of sale system is essentially any mobile device that performs the function of a cash register. This allows for employees to come out from behind the cash register and interact on the store floor, reducing the opportunity for potential thieves to steal.

Increase your business security safeguards by using these tips. Be on the lookout for improved security systems and video monitoring technology to prevent shoplifting. For additional security- related services and technology, get in touch with BSG Business Security 855-697-6278.