You know your smart home connects and automates to keep your home secure. But did you know your system also protects you when severe weather strikes? We provide alerts, automation of your HVAC, sump pump, lights and locks, and a dedicated cellular connection unaffected by power outages. Read on to find out how these features keep you safe in bad weather.

Severe Weather Alerts

Flooding, downed trees, and tornados can happen with little warning. Luckily, BSG doesn’t just protect your home from intruders, we also alert you to severe weather. Weather alerts pop up on your smartphone the moment bad weather or power outages are detected in your area. If you aren’t near a television or radio, or if power has already gone out at home, these notifications may be your only way to know if a tornado or severe storm is on its way.

A Secure Connection 

If your home experiences a power outage lasting more than 10 minutes, you’ll receive an alert on your smartphone. The alert will include updates on power outages in your area, so you’ll know if other homes are being affected or if it’s just you. If you decide to leave home during the outage, you will receive a notification as soon as the power comes back on.  Even when the power is out you will be able to connect to your security system and control any devices that run off battery power, like your smart door locks. This is because BSG uses a reliable, cellular connection that isn’t affected by downed phone lines or power outages.

Flood and Fire Protection

Water sensors will notify you as soon as water is detected in your home. If you are away when this happens, you can use your smart locks to let a trusted friend or neighbor inside to rescue pets or pick up belongings before they get soaked. If the flood is due to a burst pipe, you can even shut off your water and turn on a sump pump through your smartphone app.  If there is a fire or carbon monoxide leak, your smart home system will turn on your lights to help you safely exit the home. Your HVAC system will also turn off to help contain the fire or emission of carbon monoxide.

To find out more about how BSG keeps you safe in severe weather or to get a free quote, click here or call 855-MYSMARTHOME.