A modern security system is expected to make a home safer and more efficient.  Amazon Echo, a ‘smart’ device enabling users to play music, adjust the temperature, and control other aspects of their home, can be integrated with certain home security products to maximize automation efforts. Not only is this more convenient for users looking to consolidate the completion of various tasks within their homes, but it also better secures the entire premises—protecting you, your loved ones and your prized possessions.

Integration of Amazon Echo with a home security system enables voice activation and control of other smart home functions.

Among these:

This is dependent upon the specifications of the home security system, of course. If it doesn’t offer lighting control, for instance, the Amazon Echo won’t be able to do so, either. That is, unless you purchase another security system that offers such a feature, or install smart light bulbs.

Keep in mind that not all home security systems are compatible with the Amazon Echo, either.

To connect a compatible home security system to Amazon Echo simply download “the manufacturer’s app” or use its website and “connect the device to the same Wi-Fi network as” your Amazon Echo.

Alarm.com has been offering this service to its customers since 2016—just one year after the first-generation Amazon Echo was released.

According to a May 2016 blog post by security technology company Alarm.com, it and Alexa—Amazon’s cloud-based, voice-command, virtual-assistance service—work together so “you can use your voice to control and check the status of the most important connected devices around your house.”

“Just say ‘Alexa, ask Alarm.com to…’ followed by your command or question,” it continues. “Alarm.com either gives you a quick answer via the Echo, or automatically triggers the device into action.”

Besides managing your security system using only your voice, you’ll also be able to authorize other actions in your home via the aforementioned list of devices.

Take lighting control, once again. You don’t just have the ability to turn the lights on and off with Amazon Echo and Alarm.com, you can also dim them. For example, you can ask Alarm.com to “set the dining room dimmer to 70 percent,” the post explains.

Such capabilities are easy to utilize, and make your home smarter and safer than ever before.  Contact BSG to learn more about Home Automation 855-MYSMARTHOME.