Home Swimming Pool Safety and Security Tips

Swimming has been a growing sport in the world for years. Every summer, the number of people swimming goes up immensely as everyone wants relief from the heat. While swimming is an excellent form of both exercise and recreation, it also can be a lifesaving skill for yourself and others. Every year many people lose their lives in an untimely manner due to drowning. This is incredibly sad but also very preventable. With technology as advanced as it is today, more and more people are turning to security cameras as a preventative measure to counter accidents.

Drowning is to blame for nearly 30% of children’s deaths related to unintentional injury, and drowning in a private pool is the second leading cause of death among teenagers.  These statistics alone are frightening; however, they aren’t the only reasons why you should consider developing home swimming pool safety tips for your family.  For every drowning that occurs in the country, there are 11 near-drowning incidents, many of which result in disabling brain damage.  With all these statistics to consider, here is the most glaring of them all: roughly 70% of drowning incidents occurred when children were not adequately supervised.

In other words, supervision is the best idea to protect your children from an accident around your pool. However, supervision isn’t 100% foolproof, and we all know mistakes and errors in judgment happen.  The article is to minimize these security issues and mistakes by implementing home swimming pool security rules, as well as relying on a few pieces of safety equipment for your pool area.  Follow these home swimming pool safety guidelines (for parents, kids) so that you can greatly decrease the chances of anyone in your family getting hurt – or worse – around your swimming pool.

Common Causes

There are many factors that go into swimming related accidents and deaths. Some of these are surprising, and most can be prevented with using some common sense. The number one key is to be proactive about your safety.

Lack of swimming ability: Many children and adults report that they simply have never learned to swim. This is one of the biggest factors in these incidents, especially for children 4 years and younger that have not become old enough for swimming lessons. Everyone should learn to swim, younger the better. Not only for fun and recreation but also because this is a very important life saving skill.

Failure to wear proper life jackets and protective equipment: In almost all accidents involving drowning, the victim was not wearing proper safety equipment.

Lack of supervision: The first step is prevention, you need to be just as aware of where your children are. Especially at home in your backyard, do not leave children unattended. Accidents happen when you least expect it.

Lack of barriers: While many States have laws that require barriers around backyard pools, not all States have passed such laws. Statistics show that many home related drowning incidents occur when the parents are unaware the children are in the pool. For children 4 years and younger that make up a huge portion of youth drowning cases, open pools lead to accidental falls into the pool when there is no one around.

Invest in a security camera

We all know that swimming pool security barriers and fences are vital (and, in fact, required). But have you ever considered investing in a security camera or an image sensor?

Home swimming pool security camera

A surveillance camera lets you 24/7 continuously monitor your pool area, even when you are away. Compared with other swimming pool safety supplies, it is much more reliable for both inground and above-ground pools. Any footage in the detected area recorded can also be used as legal evidence, if you fall into a lawsuit.

Various security cameras are available for you, many of which are actually for pool monitor