Introducing Home Security System from your Smart Phone

When choosing a home security system to protect your San Antonio home, your family and your belongings, consider that the best monitoring system is the one you have access to at all times. Your phone.

You, your home, and the way you live are unique. You may live alone or with a family; you may have children or pets; you may work in San Antonio, out of town or from a home office. Whatever your situation and requirements, a security system is best when it’s tailored to you, your environment, your lifestyle, and your budget.

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Amazing Security Systems Features

Accessible and active 24-7, 365 days a year, security systems integrated with smart phone can have the following features and benefits:

  • Fast alert and quick response – your detectors will notify you immediately of any changes to the protected environment. You can then respond instantly, whether that means alerting the police to an intruder or taking action to minimize the effects of an environmental incident.
  • Video surveillance – live video streaming allows you to check on your home and or your family at any time while you’re away, whether you’re away from home for the day on business or away on vacation.
  • Cloud storage – video can be recorded in HD quality and saved securely, both of which make it useful for providing evidence of an incident such as a break-in.
  • Remote control – being able to make changes to security systems while away from home improves the flexibility and usability of any alarm system and allows for greater peace of mind.
  • Energy management – Using your smart phone, you can make changes to your energy usage while away from home, such as thermostat control to account for freezing temperatures or to reduce energy costs. Use your smart phone to turn on lights or to warm the place up just before you leave for home.
  • Environmental hazard monitoring – Keeping your home and your family secure is not only about keeping intruders out, or at least not any more. Smart home alarm systems use sensors that will detect problems such as flooding, burst pipes or power outages and will alert owners via smart phone the moment it happens.

Through smart phone technology, home security systems are more useful, more customizable and more effective than ever before.  Learn More about our home security systems, news and updates on our Facebook page.