Home Security Spring Cleaning Tips

A lot of us may be spring cleaning our homes this week.  And heaven knows, we’re home.  But spring cleaning has a whole extra dimension in the spring of COVID-19. It’s no longer just a matter of sweeping, window-washing, airing the sheets and clearing the clutter.   Cleaning up around the house shouldn’t be the only thing your thinking about this season.

Did you know, crime tends to spike during warm weather?

When you start preparing your home for the changing weather, be sure to include updating home security on your spring cleaning list. If your home is missing a few important home security features, don’t worry! There’s still time to get things in order.

A few simple checks – especially following the advice below – will give you a shiny, fresh, and SAFE place to enjoy this beautiful spring season.

Let the Re-decorating Begin!

Does your spring cleaning list include re-arranging or changing your decorative layout, or perhaps adding some new furniture or a large TV? Boxes from your new items left outside could make your home a target for burglars.

  • Break down all boxes and conceal them within garbage bags or trash bins instead of leaving them out in the open.
  • Double check that cameras aren’t blocked or sensors won’t be accidentally triggered.
  • Choose the right window coverings while being cognizant of what can be seen from the streets.

Blocking windows can help keep valuables out of sight. And remember, moving a security camera can impact its overall effectiveness. If you have an BSG connected system, just view the new angles on your app to make sure the security cameras have full range of visibility.

If extreme changes were made to the layout of your home, such as a remodel, consider bringing in a security expert to reassess your security system setup.

Double Check that Your Home Security System Is Actually Working!

Checking the security of your doors and windows is a must. The nicer weather makes this time of year the perfect time to get this kind of work checked off your to-do list!

  • Replace short door screws with longer ones that make the door more secure, especially the ones at entry points to your home.
  • Test each and every window by opening and closing them.
  • Ensure locks work securely and there is not damage that occurred over the winter.
  • Consider taking extra precautions by having one of BSG’s security experts review your home to install additional door or window sensors to any areas that may remain unprotected.
  • Be sure to check on any motion detecting lights, which help deter burglars.

The amount of dust that gets into the bottom of appliances can be quite astounding. We know it’s dirty, but hang in there. All this hard work will pay off in the long run!

Remember, anywhere you’ve got dust and major electrical equipment; you’ve got the potential for a fire!

Check the Batteries in All Home Security Equipment

Nearly two-thirds of all home fire deaths occur in houses without working smoke detectors. While smoke detectors remain one of the most important home security features with batteries, there are quite a few other home security and safety devices that rely on batteries these days.

  • Make sure that the batteries in your smoke detectors are working properly.
  • Check the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector.
  • Check the batteries in any water sensors.
  • Check backup batteries in all hardwired security equipment.
  • If you don’t currently have at least one smoke detector on each floor and near all bedrooms throughout the house, install more smoke detectors as soon as possible.

A dead battery could mean the difference between life and death for a member of your family, so don’t leave this one to chance. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports about 170 deaths in the United States each year as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning and another 3,000 from fire.

BSG provides 24/7 monitoring of home smoke detectors to help keep your family safe from dangerous gas leaks and home fires.

Can a Home Security Company Really Help Me Save on Energy?

There are couple must-do items to help save energy and money at the same time.

  • To reduce AC costs as the weather warms up, rotate your ceiling fan counter-clockwise to push the airflow straight down. This helps create a wind chill effect that make your room feel 8 degrees cooler!
  • Don’t forget to change all air filters in your home to maximize airflow and cut down on energy costs as well.
  • If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, consider investing in one.

A smart thermostat can also be used to adjust thermostat settings remotely or set scene controls that provide the perfect environment throughout your home.

BSG’s automated thermostat can be controlled from the convenience of our smart home app.


Improving Home Security from the Outside

Don’t limit your spring-cleaning to the interior. Keep home security in mind when freshening up the yard.

  • Remember to keep your shrubbery trimmed around your home, especially in front of windows.
  • Large Plants, bushes, and overgrown shrubbery can create easy hiding places for burglars to go unseen.
  • If you are in the planting mood, go with bushes that have thorns such as rosebushes around your home that thieves will think twice about going near.

Keeping up a fresh maintained yard helps give the appearance of being lived in even if you’ve gone out of town.

Learn More About Updating Your Home Security System

While you are busy updating your home this spring season, consider updating your home security system as well. Contact BSG for all of your home and business security systems needs.

Adding a new sensor or a complete update can help you save energy and keep you in control while you are away from home. Home Security & Safety is one a spring cleaning item you don’t want to leave off your list!