Halloween Security for Your Home

As the fall air turns crisper and the days grow shorter, spooky Halloween decorations have begun popping up on stores and in front lawns. This time of year means plenty of candy and parties for kids and adults alike. However, some people take the “trick” in “trick or treat” a little too seriously. Most Halloween revelers engage in harmless pratfalls this time of year. Unfortunately, vandalism and impractical jokes played on homeowners also spike during this season. In this post, we share some valuable tips to add Halloween security to your home.

We will begin by focusing on lowering your risk for becoming the victim of a damaging prank or vandalism. From there, we will examine some home security equipment to beef up your Halloween security measures. We’ll follow that up with a couple ideas for keeping your yard visible in case of sneaking vandals or crooks. Finally, we will also look at a couple general tips to increase awareness levels for suspicious activity. Let’s begin with a look at ways you can remain proactive about potential Halloween pranks.

Be Proactive About Preventing Pranks

Taking simple steps to make your home a less attractive target can go a long way in avoiding pranks. For example, keep your car in your garage rather than the driveway or street on Halloween if at all possible. Many people walk around the neighborhood on Halloween, making it easier than usual for someone to key your car without detection. Clean up any heavy or potentially damaging decorations when you go to bed. Pumpkins make especially popular items to smash or even to throw through windows.

Also consider removing decorations that troublemakers may want to vandalize, or at least keep them as close to the house as possible. While some Halloween-related pranks do more damage than others, making it as hard as possible for others to victimize your home creates the greatest amount of Halloween security. Now, let’s look at some security equipment that can help you accomplish this goal.

Install Equipment that Adds Halloween Security

We offer many security solutions that come in especially handy during this prank-filled season. We’ll begin this section by looking at adding equipment that adds security to your home’s entry points. From there, we will look at a couple options for adding exterior surveillance cameras. The presence of this technology can certainly help discourage tricksters from targeting your home. If something does happen, you can use the video captured to put together what happened, and when. Let’s begin with a focus on adding doorbell cameras to watch some of your home’s most vulnerable areas.

Doorbell Cameras

Over the past few years, doorbell cameras have gotten very popular very quickly. Our preferred doorbell camera comes packed with customizable security settings to add security to your own doors. If you have a security system monitored through our cellular dialer powered by Alarm.com, we can add a doorbell that interacts with your alarm quite easily. The Alarm.com app already gives users the ability to arm and disarm their security systems remotely with a smartphone or tablet. Adding an Alarm.com doorbell camera also provides a video notification if someone rings the doorbell. At this point, you can engage in a conversation with the visitor. This comes in especially handy if the doorbell rings when you don’t expect visitors, or if the doorbell rings later at night than usual on Halloween and you want to view your late trick-or-treaters before opening the door.

Additionally, doorbell cameras allow you to view them remotely at an