Traditional keys are a nuisance. You don’t need us to point this out, of course. You know how easy keys are to lose, or misuse. You know the inconvenience of tracking a key down when an employee leaves, and the expense of re-keying a lock when you can’t. You know about dashing to work to let people in when your manager gets sick and has to stay home.

But do you know about the new, easier, smarter alternative?

Smarter Access Control is a commercial access solution, engineered by to bring the benefits of modern access technology like smart locks and card readers to small and medium businesses. Powered by smart business security technology, it’s easy to use, enabling you to set up and manage secure, keyless access for you and your employees, across multiple locations, with no IT expertise or extra resources needed.

1: Lock and unlock your business from anywhere

Not needing keys is smart. Not needing to even be there to let someone in? That’s smarter. With Smarter Access Control, you can use your for Business smartphone app to unlock doors for employees and vendors from anywhere. Just check who’s at your door via your smart business security cameras, and buzz them in. Take a look.

2: Give and revoke keyless access for employees lets you manage and schedule access for multiple employees, across multiple access points and business locations. Your web dashboard makes it easy to set up a keycard or lock code for a new employee, and even easier to revoke access for a departing one.

To stay in control, you can assign different employees different levels of access, customized with specific times and days for each employee. For efficiency, you can also create access profiles for different employee roles, then quickly assign new employees to a particular profile.

3: Access alerts and tracking

Because Smarter Access Control is fully integrated with your smart security system, you can get alerts about any kind of access activity. You can know if your store opens or closes late. You can even get video alerts of important events like your stockroom door opening. Should you ever need to find out who unlocked a certain door, or check how many hours an employee worked,’s integrated activity timeline and user code tracking makes it easy.

4: Automated locking

If you’re not onsite at closing time, you can still ensure that your business is secure by setting up an auto-arming rule for your access system. You can have your doors lock automatically when employees arm the security system, or even at a certain time every day.  For convenience when opening, you can apply the same rules in reverse, with a single app command disarming your alarm and unlocking your doors simultaneously.