Pop quiz: what makes a smart thermostat?

If your answer includes the following: a) connected to the Internet, b) controlled with a smartphone app, c) changes the temperature without being told—you’re correct.

Another correct answer would be: knowledge. A thermostat that knows more about your house and your needs can take smarter actions on your behalf. It’s why many standalone connected thermostats, equipped with only a one-room view, fall short.

And it’s why the Alarm.com Smart Thermostat excels.

Connected to every device and activity sensor in your smart home security system, and powered by Alarm.com’s cloud intelligence, it knows more, understands more and can do more to save energy and keep you comfortable. Here are four ways you can use it:

Four Ways to Use an Alarm.com Smart Thermostat 2

1: Save energy without trying

With real-time information from all around your house, an Alarm.com Smart Thermostat sees more opportunities to save energy.

It can save energy automatically when no one’s home, based on  your security system’s arming status. It can also use Geo-Services to save energy when you go to work, and make things comfortable when you’re on your way home again.

On hot days, it knows the temperature outside and can turn itself down slightly to save you some money. It can even minimize waste when your kids leave doors and windows open.

Four Ways to Use an Alarm.com Smart Thermostat 3

2: Enjoy room-by-room precision comfort

While most smart thermostats are limited by a one-room view, our Smart Thermostat can read the temperature in different rooms of your home with small, wireless temperature sensors.

With this knowledge, it can heat or cool the house to deliver precision comfort to any single room that you choose. As well as tackling hot rooms, this lets you create custom comfort schedules around your family’s routine. You can enjoy your morning coffee is a perfectly comfortable kitchen, ensure that your baby’s room is cozy for naptime, and enjoy cool upstairs bedrooms at night.