Five reasons your dog is not a home security system

Many of us here at the BSG Security team have our own dogs that we love and cherish; they are important members of our families. While we may depend on and trust our dogs to protect us, they are not an adequate home security system. Here are a few reasons why…

Is your dog adequately trained?

Not all dogs are guard dogs, and certainly not all dogs are trained to stop burglars. Your dog may have a ferocious bark, but can still be distracted by treats, toys, or tranquilized dog food. On the other hand, a home security system is much harder to tamper with, and will send a notification if anything happens in your home. While the internet is full of our furry friends doing remarkable things on video, very few have been trained to dial 911 in an emergency.

When your dog is away, so is your protection

Your dog likes to play in the backyard, go for walks, and occasionally gets put in a doggy hotel while the family goes on vacation. Your dog can only guard your home while it is home. An alarm system will protect your home whether you are curled up on the couch, or playing Frisbee in the park with your furry friend.

Did you know the majority of break-ins happen when a homeowner is away from home?

Silencing a dog is easier than silencing a security system

Burglars are less likely to enter homes with BSG Security yard signs and are deterred by complicated systems and 24/7 monitoring. Some burglars have admitted to the fact that dogs can be a deterrent, but less so because of how easy they are to manipulate or distract. Silencing an alarm is much more difficult than silencing a barking dog, hungry for treats and attention.

Studies show that your dog will not react how you expect them to

An experiment performed by Mike D’Abruzzo, who trains guard dogs, shows that you most likely have no idea how your dog would react to an intruder in the house. D’Abruzzo dressed up in protective gear and pretended to break into a few homes with dogs in them. The dogs barked while D’Abruzzo was outside, but as soon as he entered the door and gave them attention they were back to sleeping on the couch.

You may hope your dog would do anything to protect you, but they don’t always know the difference between a burglar and a guest. …And who knows what a desperate burglar might do to quiet a bark while ransacking your home.

Fido deserves protection too!

Your pup is part of the family, and just as you would never ask your child to protect your home from burglars or trespassers, you probably wouldn’t ask your dog to either. Our hope is the only thing your ‘good boy’ might end up attacking is a few harmless couch cushions.

Five reasons your dog is not a home security system

We do the hard work so you don’t have to

We hope you and your puppy pal are out enjoying the world knowing your home is safe and secure. Protect your dog by having a security system installed in your home. As an added bonus you can use security cameras to check in on your furry friends to make sure they aren’t getting into trouble! If you are interested in installing a new security system, or reactivating an old system, check out all the different options we have for keeping your home, family and pets, safe.

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