For small to medium business owners/operators who may think investing in security is unnecessary, the reality is burglars are four times more likely to strike a business than a home, according to Forbes.

All it takes is one burglary, cyber-attack or act of vandalism to seriously disrupt your operations. Worse, such an attack can shutter your business permanently.

The High Costs of Theft

Retailers are particularly vulnerable because their goods can often be quickly taken and moved using basic tools and transportation. For instance, during the past several years, a gang of roving thieves successfully used simple blowtorches to successfully raid Target stores in Texas, garnering six-figure sums.

The thieves typically focused on stealing expensive Apple and other electronics gear. When they were finally brought to court last November, they had taken $154,000 worth of iPads and iPhones from Target stores in just two Texas towns.

High Cost of Fear

It’s not just the cash or goods at risk, it’s also peace of mind. After two robberies by a gun-wielding duo — in a single week — one Austin, Texas, bsuiness owner was contemplating selling the business outright.

“Trust me, I don’t care about the money,” the owner told a local reporter, after losing thousands of dollars. “My life or my friend’s life is more important than anything.”

If you’ve decided the risk of inaction is too great, the next step is to create a business security plan and upgrade your protective infrastructure. Not every measure needs to involve super expensive or technologically sophisticated gear and solutions, as Forbes points out. Think about:

For an extra layer of security, you can hand the task of surveillance to a professional security systems provider, such as BSG with its UL-certified security command center, based in San Antonio, Texas. Their 24/7 operators average a response time of less than 20 seconds. You’ve worked too hard for this business — it’s time you protect it.