Creating the Ultimate Connected Smart Home

If you’re looking to provide your home with ultimate automation and protection, then BSG has the San Antonio home security system and home network solution for you. With expertise in home protection, video monitoring, and automation, we’re the best choice there is in San Antonio or Austin. Basic security systems and wireless access can be improved by integrating then into one home network that will allow all systems to work effortlessly with one another. Additionally, a home network can house all low-voltage wiring. Everyday functions and family activities are made manageable with this setup. Your home connection will be installed in a way that allows all key security components to be centralized in one convenient location.


A home network powered by allows your home seamless connection.

  • Energy usage is monitored and maintained so you aren’t wasting unnecessary power.
  • You’re granted instant video access to all cameras whether you’re at home or not. This function enables you top protection and keeps your mind at peace knowing your home’s ultimate connection is doing it’s job at top performance.
  • A home network allows access to Internet, including streaming of audio and video, from anywhere in your home.
  • You Home Connection Center (HCC) helps keep your home organized by housing wiring like security wire, phone and fax lines, AUX cables, and Ethernet cords.

Technical Improvements

San Antonio home security systems are improving and BSG has everything you’ll need.

  • We can design and install video monitoring systems for any home wherever you want on your property.
  • We know how to best optimize your system and continue to service it with constant maintenance. This system and process will allow you to keep your home updated with improved technology, giving you ultimate home connection.


In creating the ultimate connected home for you, BSG will be there for you from start to finish.

  • We have flexible scheduling that can fit to all homeowners and will treat you and your home with the best customer service.
  • Once we’ve installed the system, we’ll work with you to ensure you know how to thoroughly run it.
  • Going forward from the installation, you’ll be able to contact us for any issue and we’ll fix it no problem.

Deny Burglars

Adding a security system to your home not only gives you peace of mind, but also drastically decreases your chances of having a break-in. The odds of a break-in for homes without a security system are tripled and only make things easier for burglars. San Antonio home security is a helpful way to protect you, your family, and the house in general. It goes without saying, but it’s important to always arm your security system whenever you leave the house. Most times, a home with a security system is victimized by a break-in because the system wasn’t on. Ensure it’s on every time you leave to help prevent any potential burglaries.

Upgrade to Smart Home Security

With ongoing advancements in home security, improved technology has given homeowners the ability to keep a watchful eye on their house from any location. The app allows you complete control over several security aspects while you’re away with the use of any smart device. This advanced technology helps keep homeowners relaxed throughout the entirety of their vacation because they can virtually check on every part of the house whenever they’d like. Lights can be turned on and off giving the house the appearance that someone is home, cameras can be viewed at any time, and any security alerts will be sent right to your smart device.

The professionals at BSG have years of experience and know all the best, new ways to improve your Austin or San Antonio home security system and home connectivity. We understand that each home and homeowner is different, and no one security system or home network will be the best option for everyone. That’s why we work with you one on one to determine what type of security system your home will need. Our knowledge of security systems and electronics is vast, and we aim to help you make any technical improvements you desire to your home. Call us today at (855) 697-6278 to get started on creating the ultimate connected home for you.