According to the CDC, a poison control center receives a phone call about a possible poisoning every 13 seconds. What’s even more alarming is the fact that 90% of these poisonings take place in the home. We have come to know our homes as a safe-haven, a place where we can feel secure. Unfortunately, with household cleaning products, cosmetics, medicines, etc. present in our homes, our safe-haven can turn poisonous very quickly. As a homeowner, parent, spouse, or roommate, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that less and less of these household poisonings occur. Here are some tips for keeping you, your families, and your home healthy and safe.

Put safety locks on cleaning supply cabinets. You can find these safety locks at your local store for less than $5. Safety locks will keep children and pets from exploring lower cabinets and getting into poisonous cleaning chemicals.

Keep emergency numbers handy. Whether you keep them posted on the refrigerator or saved in your smartphone, always have an emergency number nearby. A poisoning can occur at any moment, so being able to call the emergency number immediately is crucial. If you are leaving your children with a babysitter, it is also wise to leave emergency numbers with them. The Poison Help line number is 1-800-222-1222.

Educate younger children about the dangers of using and/or consuming certain products. Prevent possible poisonings by talking to your children about the risks of playing with and consuming cleaning products, cosmetics, and medication. Emphasizing the dangers that come with each of these items can reduce the risk of a household poisoning.

Be careful when cleaning. Be conscious of the chemicals you are using to clean your home. Always use the cleaning products as directed, and don’t use harsh chemicals or bleach on surfaces you or your family eat off of. Take time to research the chemicals you’re using. Many companies now offer “greener” less-harsh products that will still get the job done!

Dispose of expired or unused chemicals properly. When in doubt, throw it out! We’re all guilty of letting cleaning products, cosmetics, or medication sit under our sink, in a drawer, or medicine cabinet for extended periods of time. Be conscious of expiration dates and be sure to dispose of chemicals safely. Not everything can be dumped down a drain or thrown in the trash.

Use pesticides sparingly. Sure pesticides are great for getting rid of unwanted insects or rodents, but it’s important to be careful when spraying them in or around the home. When using pesticides, make sure that no one else is in the affected area and wear protective clothing, gloves, and a face mask. If you’re not comfortable with using pesticides, contact a professional.

Store medicines out of reach of children. Keep your medication stored in a high locked cabinet. Talk to your children about not consuming medication without your supervision.

We can protect your home with a BSG Smart Home system, but it’s up to you to create a healthy home! Follow these guidelines and keep everyone in your home safe, healthy, and happy.