Each year in the US, more than 2.5 million burglaries are reported nationwide, which is why home security systems have become increasingly popular and commonplace regardless of location. Investing in a security system for your church is one way to deflect potential criminals while also providing a sense of safety and security for the worshipers who loyally attend services that you host. When shopping around for security systems that are ideal for your church, there are a few factors to consider before settling on a solution that is right for you.

Reduce Criminal Activity

Installing a security system inside of your church and surrounding your property is a way to drastically reduce criminal activity while deterring burglars and vandals. Did you know that up to 66% of burglars admit to avoiding burglarizing or vandalizing homes if a home alarm system is visible while passing by? Churches are notorious for becoming targets of vandals and burglars, which is why investing in a home security system is a must.

Placement of Security Cameras

Homes and commercial locations that do not have a visible alarm system installed are 300% more likely to become targets of vandals and burglars.

Before choosing a security solution that is right for your church, consider how many cameras you require in order to monitor all areas of your property 24/7. Some of the most common areas to place cameras inside of churches include:

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Security Equipment and Accessories for Churches

While security cameras are the main component in any security system, it is best not to solely rely on cameras alone to ensure the safety and protection of your church. Consider investing in additional equipment such as door and window sensors which are set once the church is closed for the evening and all members of the church have gone home for the night. Implement home automation features to receive alerts directly to your smartphone while also having the ability to monitor your church even when you are not on the property 24/7.

Unmonitored Vs. Monitored Security System Solutions

While unmonitored security system solutions allow you to track and watch your property without monthly fees, monitored solutions are also affordable and provide you with an additional layer of protection unavailable with alternative solutions. Monitored home security is highly advisable for church locations to immediately notify police, fire rescue, and other local responders in the event of an emergency.

BSG offers solutions for both residential and commercial clients. With BSG, avoid heft installation and equipment fees that are standard with many top security companies in the nation. BSG provides you with the ability to build your own plan with an array of equipment to choose from to get started right away.

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