Can Home Renters Get An Alarm System?

You rent your home or apartment and are looking to get a security system. You know alarm systems work and want extra home protection. You’ve looked at some alarm companies online and researched their value. It’s time to actually sign up. The question though is can home renters get a monitored home alarm system?

Yes renters can get a monitored alarm system, however some alarm companies will discriminate against renters. Certain companies will either not sell their systems and services to renters or will force them to pay more for them. Certain companies may require a down payment for the equipment. This is even with the customer signing a long term contract.

The reason is because these companies view renters as a risk. Renters may not stay at an address as long as someone who owns a home. Renters may be more prone to moving. Most home alarms require service on a move. This is especially true with alarm companies that employ installers. This means more costs to the alarm company. The alarm company wants to limit their risk. By getting the renter to put more money down upfront, they believe that the renter now has “skin in the game” and is less likely to cancel. Plus the renter has now offset any potential future costs.

bsg alarm system

Is it fair for a company to now charge a renter more for an alarm system? The answer is no.

Companies where you own the alarm system don’t require more from a renter. BSG charge all customers the same price, regardless of them owning or renting their homes. The only criteria to get an alarm system from these companies is that the alarm user have a valid credit card. This provides security for all homes. There’s no credit check required. Plus the system is easily moved, so if the renter decides to move they can take the alarm system with them.

Home renters can indeed get an alarm system, but certain companies charge a premium. If you are a renter, don’t go with a company that will charge you more simply because you rent your home or apartment. Get the best security available at the fairest price. BSG doesn’t upcharge renters. Monitoring with BSG starts at $14.95/month.  If you rent your home, then protect it with a BSG alarm system today.