Did you know that over 30% of burglars enter homes through the front door?

It’s a pretty incredible statistic; one that continues to baffle homeowners and even long-time security system industry leaders in San Antonio.

Whether the intruders gain access because the front door was left unlocked, opened with a hidden/secret key or forceably kicked/broken down, it seems to be the most popular entrance point for thieves during a home burglary.

The good news is there are a bevy of home security products that you can add to your existing system to help sure-up your front door defenses:


1. Add A Video Doorbell That Can Record Your Would-Be Thief

Thanks to motion detection recording, having a doorbell camera installed and connected with your home security system allows you to capture and send you clips of any activity near your front door — ensuring you won’t miss any suspicious activity near your front door.

Also, as an added bonus, you can use your doorbell camera’s live feed to check on deliveries and other people who may need to be near your front door during the day. You can even speak to them through the doorbell’s built-in speaker.


2. Add A Smart Door Lock That Removes The Need For A Spare Key

We’ve written this before, but do you yourself a favor and forget that spare or hidden key. Burglars are smart and if they have any hints that a spare key is present around your home, a determined thief will find it.

Avoid needing the spare key altogether by having a smart door lock installed. In fact, when you have a smart door lock installed, you almost never will need the primary key either.

You’ll also be able to assign codes through the app, Powered by Alarm.com, that will allow you to delegate and remove codes to the door lock, giving you total control over your front door access system.


3. Add Smart Lighting To Make Your Thieves Visible At Night

Using smart lighting with your security system allows the lights outside your home to be triggered whenever someone comes close to your home, rings your doorbell, or by other sensors you may have around your home.

While your front door isn’t the only place a burglar can enter, reinforcing it with the three devices above can definitely help you get the Peace of Mind you deserve.

Also, if you don’t have a system yet, check out our available home security deals here and get a free consultation.