The warm weather during the summer means it’s barbecue season for you and the rest of your friends and family! While it takes a little while for prepping the meals and your home, the introduction of smart home devices has made it easier to host a barbecue without getting frustrated or dissatisfied.

Home automation apps like BSG’s App to Alarm Monitoring Services in San Antonio help you monitor your home from anywhere. Once you have a home automation system in place, you can get grilling gadgets like these that will ensure your barbecues are always a success and something that your friends talk about for a long time.

smart home devices


The perfect smart home gadget for meat lovers, whether you’re hosting a big, professional-grade Barbecue or just having some friends over for a meal. It enables you to conveniently keep track of the temperature and cooking time of your meat from your phone.

smart home gadgets

Smart meat thermometer

This is perfect for people who have a habit of overcooking meat. This smart meat thermometer helps you keep an eye on the steaks, burgers, or chicken while they’re cooking and from up to 33 feet away. An alert is sent to your smartphone to notify you when the meat is ready, so you’ll never have to worry about anything being overcooked or undercooked!

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Slow cooker

There’s no need to stop socializing just to go check on your meal. This smart slow cooker allows you to set the time, temperature, and start cooking from your phone while still interacting with your friends.

smart home devices

Grill cleaning robots

After the Barbecue you are going to be tired or busy doing other things. This robotic grill cleaner automatically cleans your grill after the Barbecue is over. We truly are living in the future.

smart home gadgets

The never-ending beer fridge

Not everyone drinks, but those who do want their beer cold and without hassle. Introducing Bud-E, a fridge that not only lets you know how many cold ones you have left, but also orders more when the drinks run dry. This fridge also alerts you when warm beverages have reached optimal drinking temperature or if someone who shouldn’t be, such as an underage house guest, is attempting to sneak a drink.

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