Best and Worst Cities in America for Bicycle Safety

With pleas to increase cycling road safety, it’s clear the world cares about its cyclists staying safe. So, here is the US cycling data to discover the safest and least safe cities for cyclists in the country.

Data Highlights

  • Most of the Top 10 safest cities for cyclists are in California and other west coast states. The fact that Davis, Calif., is the safest city for cycling may be a testament to city leaders’ careful planning and bicycle education safety.
  • Iowa dominates the majority of least-safe cities for cyclists in the US, even with the popular Ragbrai biking event being hosted in The Hawkeye State.
  • Despite being a west coast city, Los Angeles is one of the least safe cities. Why isn’t Southern California as safe as Northern or Central California?
  • Missoula, MT had over 7% of residents report that they use cycling as a main method of transportation to get to work (#6 out of the cities we researched), yet Montana got a 0 for each of our bike law categories.
  • 36 cities that currently have no protected bike lanes have either proposed or are currently working on building protected bike lanes.
  • Alaska has some of the highest spending per capita ($9.71) despite the fact that they have very low percentages of commuters who bike (1.5% in Anchorage and 0% in the other cities we researched).


10 Safest Cities

  1. DAVIS, California
  2. BERKELEY, California
  3. BOULDER, Colorado
  4. EUGENE, Oregon
  5. PALO ALTO, California
  6. CHICO, California
  7. MOUNTAIN VIEW, California
  8. FORT COLLINS, Colorado
  9. SANTA BARBARA, California
  10. NEW HAVEN, Connecticut


10 Most Dangerous Cities

  1. LOS ANGELES, California
  2. NEW YORK CITY, New York
  4. JAMESTOWN, North Dakota
  5. FARGO, North Dakota
  6. HOUSTON, Texas
  7. WATERLOO, Iowa
  8. SIOUX CITY, Iowa
  9. JOHNSTON, Iowa
  10. DES MOINES, Iowa

Each State’s Safest City

State Name State’s Safest City City’s Safety Ranking
Alabama Birmingham 578
Alaska Anchorage 581
Arizona Tempe 317