How Smart Locks Improve Your Life

Incorporate smart locks into your home automation system for added convenience, security and connectivity. Below, we provide details on these three major smart lock benefits.

Increased Convenience

House keys are among the most commonly misplaced items. To prevent lockouts and increase convenience, consider smart locks, which allow you to:

  • Use a single smartphone application to control your locks and other smart home devices.
  • Eliminate the need for a physical set of keys.
  • Lock and unlock doors remotely.

Improved Security

Smart locks offer unique access codes so you can manage and track who enters your home and from which entrance. Pair with smart doorbells for even more security and functionality, such as:

  • Arm and disarm your security system depending on when the doors are locked.
  • Hold a two-way conversation with visitors using an intercom system.
  • Visually verify who is at your door.
  • Receive alerts whenever visitors arrive.

Heightened Connectivity

Integrating smart locks into your security system can increase connectivity among all of your devices. To properly protect your home, consider programming smart locks with:

A fully integrated home automation system alerts you of suspicious events and enables you to continually monitor your home. Smart locks offer benefits to homeowners who are looking to better safeguard and manage their homes. Contact a BSG Expert Today to Learn More 855-MYSMARTHOME