Installing home automation, the automatic and electronic control of household features, activity and appliances has numerous advantages.  Features include centralized control of security locks on doors and gates, appliances, windows, lighting, surveillance cameras and HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) as well as fire and carbon monoxide monitoring, and real-time text and email alerts.

These technological advancements allow a homeowner to run his or her home through remote access.  This ability benefits homeowners in a number of ways.

1)     Appliance and Lighting Control. This feature gives homeowners the ability to control small appliances and lighting throughout their home.  This affords peace of mind and added security by allowing checks on appliances to ensure that they are off.  It also allows lights to be turned on and off at specified times.

2)     Automated Door Locks.  Through an automated system doors can be locked with the tap of a finger.  This allows you to lock your doors from your office or elsewhere.  The system also alerts the homeowner each time someone enters the house.

3)    Provides Security Cameras.  Security cameras detect movement allowing the homeowner to assess whether or not there is a problem.

4)    Provides Temperature Control. Temperature control can be adjusted remotely which allows for heating and cooling adjustments prior to returning home.  This saves energy and money.

5)    Saves Time and Money.  Today’s world is busy and often hectic.  A home automation system allows for peace of mind while saving on your utility bill.  If you cannot remember whether or not you locked your door, no problem, lock up remotely.  With this system the homeowner has control over the appliances, locks and activity in the home while away.

Home automation systems provides cost effective convenience and security for your home keeping your family safe and your home secure.  Contact a BSG Expert today to learn more 855-MYSMARTHOME