Benefits of a Local Security Company

Being a home or business owner in or around San Antonio or Austin, means that you have a wide range of options when selecting a local alarm system company. When looking for the company that you want protecting your home, it can sometimes be tempting to choose a nationally known name or the one that is at the lowest price. But these options aren’t always the best. A local security company holds a number of benefits that other companies don’t.

Detail: Large national or international companies are unable to listen to the specific needs of a certain area. Local companies, and BSG know their customers and listen to what they want and need.

Monitoring: Many large national security companies have alarm monitoring centers that are located in other parts of the world. It’s very important that your alarm system company has a system which you can visit. Get out there and see for yourself who will be monitoring your home.

Faster Service: If you are looking for an install or repair to your security system, many large companies have discouraging and inconvenient service times. One of the best parts about working with BSG is that our response time is significantly faster than these other companies. We also have a much better understanding of the local communities within San Antonio or Austin and their respective laws, codes and regulations.

Customer Service: Large national security companies don’t often treat their customers with the respect they deserve. With such large client base, people get treated more like a number than an actual customer. BSG wants to make sure you are well protected and taken care of while providing you with a customer experience you will rave about!

Local Security Company

Five Reasons to Join The BSG Family of Customers

When a business has the knowledge and passion for what they do, it shows authenticity within their work. For 25 years, BSG has provided satisfaction to their customers by providing systems that work well with and for people, rather than having people work around the system. Here are five reasons to join their growing family of customers today:

  1.  BSG has kept the same message throughout the success of their business. Being locally owned and operated, they maintain a 24-hour emergency repair and services with an average of  8 seconds response time, which not many big companies can offer.
  2. As a company that is always giving back in local events, community service and fundraisers, they continue to help their community grow, their main focus is you. Really. They care and respect everyone they come across by personally reaching out to their clients to see if anything needs maintenance, if they require assistance, or if their system is meeting their every concern.
  3. They won’t call the job done unless they know everything is well completed in installations, or any issue has been solved. They personally reach out to find a solution to any security problem with courtesy and make it their number one issue.
  4. Moving to a new residence, the last thing you want to worry about is setting up your secure system all over again. BSG however, takes care of the worry for you. Being part of the BSG family gives you access to being set up by their sales professionals so that your system can be re-installed in your new home.
  5. Referrals! If you refer a loved one and/or business partner to BSG, your account can be credited for free monitoring after the security system is completely installed for whomever you referred.

For more information about BSG and how we can benefit you, please feel free to give us a call at (855) 697-6278 or fill out an online contact form.