Check out these surveillance system videos of misbehaving critters caught on camera:

Fair Game

One fateful day, this golden retriever gave in to the little devil on his shoulder. In this shocking video, a man’s faithful companion waits until his master has gone to work. Then he helps himself to everything in the fridge. Frozen meat? A side of salmon? A packaged sandwich? Everything is fair game for this misbehaving pooch!

Man’s Best Friend

Sure, you’ve got a state-of-the-art surveillance system … but who’s really protecting your property? It might be man’s best friend. This video shows two curious bears making themselves at home in the front yard. The owner’s 20-pound bulldog is having none of that and gives them the bum’s rush.

Truth Revealed

Do you have a large dog? Do his treats, which you stuck on a cabinet, mysteriously disappear? The truth revealed in this video!

This dog hops onto every surface in the kitchen, licks the counters and even the cling wrap, and finally helps himself to five different boxes of doggie treats. Let’s hope the owners have stocked up on wet wipes!

Energetic Feline

Worried that an intruder broke into your home and smashed your television set? Maybe the real culprit is closer than you think … a trusted member of your family. This energetic feline goes on an acrobatic rampage that ends in a costly disaster.

Doggie Magician

Some dogs are just natural born troublemakers. This doggie magician didn’t want to reveal his secrets to the audience, so he made a habit of disabling his owners’ monitoring cameras.

However, one day he didn’t manage that trick and his owners got to see his technique for escaping the backyard. You’d think a smooth brick wall would stop him – you’d be wrong.