Nest, Honeywell and Ecobee are all big names in the world of smart thermostats. So, why would anyone be interested in BSG’s Smart Thermostat? Although there are several answers to that question, one sums it all up: their Smart Thermostat is the smartest of them all.

A smart home is not complete without a smart thermostat. In fact, I believe that a smart thermostat is the most important part of your smart home. It can have the most noticeable effect on your comfort and your energy bill.

BSG’s Smart Thermostat

Most other smart thermostats use one motion detector to determine the most efficient and comfortable cooling and heating schedule. They learn your routines, and the temperature settings aresmart thermostat based upon those routines. The only way the thermostat “knows” you break your normal routine is if your one motion sensors is triggered (or not triggered). This can take hours, so you may end up wasting money.

How does it work?

The Smart Thermostat uses sensors from all over your house to figure out the best way to heat and cool your home. It doesn’t rely on one room to determine your location, it relies on multiple pieces of data. For example, you can set the thermostat to respond when you arm or disarm your security system. Whether you’re home or away, the thermostat adjusts. You can be as unpredictable as you want, and still save money.

What are the advantages? has just added a new type of sensor to its collection. The Smart Thermostat now works with a wireless temperature sensor. By putting the sensor in a room where you spend most of your time, you can monitor the temperature in that room.

Even better, you can use the app to get your HVAC system to kick on until the temperature in that room is at your setting. The temperature of the house no longer needs to be based on the temperature of the room with the thermostat, but can be based on the temperature of a different room. You can use multiple wireless sensors and choose to use the average temperature of the house for your heating and cooling. For houses with multiple stories or drafty rooms, these temperature sensors are a big deal.

Another unique feature is the thermostat’s integration ability with’s carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. In the event of high carbon monoxide or smoke levels, your thermostat immediately shuts off. This is a great safety feature; it prevents the smoke or carbon monoxide from spreading throughout your home.

Is this tech unique to’s Smart Thermostat doesn’t only work with motion sensors. It’s fully integrated with your smart home and your home security system so that you can invest in sensors that add value beyond talking to your thermostat. You can use motion sensors or even window and door sensors. If someone leaves a window or door open, the thermostat will turn off and you won’t waste money blowing cold air outside.

Demand response program

Certain utility companies use something called demand response program. They offer customers discounts for using less electricity during peak hours as well as offering other rebates. The Smart Thermostat is recognized by demand response programs and you may be eligible for rebates or lower rates.

More energy-saving features

The Smart Thermostat uses real-time weather data to save you money. It accesses the outdoor temperature and adjusts for the conditions. On an unusually cool day in the summer, it can prevent your AC from cooling more than it needs to. Some smart thermostats offer this feature, but’s thermostat is the only one that combines live-weather data with access to multiple sensors.

The thermostat also monitors your location with Geo-Services to account for any changes in your schedule. When you take that much needed day off from work and stay home, your thermostat will stay set at a comfortable level instead of automatically going into an energy-saving mode. If you leave home, your thermostat goes into energy-saving mode much quicker than it would with other thermostats that rely on one motion sensor.

Easy control and integration

Controlled by the app, the smart thermostat can be adjusted with the push of a button. You can find everything in one place- control of your lights, security system and thermostat all using one app. The app has a rating of 4.5 stars on the Google Play store and a rating of 4 stars on the iTunes store. It’s easy to use and available for multiple personal devices beyond Apple and Android. It also works with Blackberry, Windows, Pebble, Kindle Fire, and Apple Watch to name a few. There is even a PC version that offers the same level of control.

If you’re feeling nostalgic, you can also do things the old school way. You can still control the thermostat from the thermostat itself. It’s not your traditional LCD screen either. It’s a futuristic-looking white screen that blends in well with your walls.

The thermostat doesn’t only work with’s products. It works with other Z-wave devices. With Z-wave door locks and motion sensors, you can make your thermostat even more reliable. The only catch is that you must have service through an partner and even then not all partners will offer this thermostat.

The bottom line

The Smart Thermostat allows you to precisely and conveniently keep energy efficient and comfortable thermostat settings. If you already use the system, the thermostat is a low cost product with plenty of benefits.

If not, you should keep in mind that there is a monthly fee for access to services. Typically there is no activation fee and the cost of the thermostat (about $199)