Smart Camera Features

We’ve discussed the benefits of security cameras in several of our posts. The mere presence of cameras often acts as a deterrent to crime. Criminals who see cameras around your home may well choose another target. In this post, we focus on smart camera features. These cameras have gained popularity quickly over the past several years. Furthermore, they offer unique security benefits that we will explore in this post.

We will begin by sharing the “basics” of what these cameras do. From there, we will focus on specific smart camera benefits. For starters, we’ll look at how these cameras provide an easy connection to your home’s network, making for simple installation and use. After that, we will focus on creating useful video alerts that get sent to your smartphone. We will also look at how your account stores video clips for later viewing. Finally, we will look at the unique, advanced analytics provided by these cameras. Let’s dive in with a quick overview of what these cameras have to offer.

An Introduction on the Smart Camera

We often install smart cameras as part of a security system installation. When we install home security, we generally do so using our wireless home security system powered by This wireless home security system can create a direct connection between your alarm system and our central station. This means that if your phone lines go down for any reason, it will not affect your monitoring. This level of security makes our wireless home security system our most popular means of alarm monitoring. Additionally, the wireless home security system will allow you to control your system and any other connected smart home devices remotely using a smart phone and the free app. In addition to your alarm system, you can control smart locks, thermostats, and other smart devices using this app. cameras can also be one of these devices. These cameras provide a powerful and convenient solution for home surveillance. However, some camera customers may not be interested in installing a full alarm system. In this case, we can still install smart cameras as a standalone security measure. Whether connected to an alarm system or installed separately, these cameras provide both live and recorded video in and around your home. These cameras also provide this video without the need to wire them back to a central location within your house. Since most surveillance cameras do require this wiring, cameras provide a more versatile solution for homes in which running this wire would be difficult or even impossible. Now, let’s look at how cameras connect to your home’s network to provide additional security.