When your children get home from school, you want them to be safe. However, many parents are not able to get home as early as school lets out. Because most break-ins occur during the day, there’s chance your child may be home alone while an intruder is eyeing the house. By teaching them about security, children can stay safe until parents get home.  Review these tips with your child to make sure they are safe and secure after school.

Locking Up

Locking the door is an obvious first step, but there are a few key points to remember regarding keys and doors.

Using the Alarm System

Installing an alarm system is an effective way to protect your home and child and to give you peace of mind.

Knowing What to Do In Case of a Break-In

Give your kids clues about how they can detect if the house has been burglarized:

Remind them to never enter the house if it looks suspicious, and immediately turn to a trusted neighbor (with whom you’ve discussed this protocol beforehand).

Although the thought is frightening, you should also prepare your children with some tips in case of a break-in while they’re home. In fact, break-ins are over twice as likely to occur during the day than at night. The most common entry point is the front door, and 60 percent of burglaries involve forcible entry.  Your specific plan in this scenario depends on your home’s layout, but it’s another reason why monitored security is helpful.

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