Did you know that the door to your garage is one of the most vulnerable entry points into your home? Burglars love garages. Consider this: A bad guy can get into your attached garage without being seen. Once inside, he can easily get into the rest of your home.  These thieves also love standalone garages because of all the neat stuff you keep inside like lawnmowers, expensive power tools, bikes—stuff they can sell to make a quick buck.

Here are five tips to help you keep the thieves at bay—and out of your garage:

1. Install security devices such as burglar alarm systems and home video surveillance systems. As part of the alarm system, your service provider can install perimeter sensors on all doors and windows, including the garage door and the door leading from the garage to your home. A home video surveillance system will let you monitor your property and keep watch over your garage.

2. Hide the garage remote control. Don’t leave it in plain sight like on your car’s dashboard or clipped to the sun visor. If a burglar gets the remote control to the door, he can easily access your home. Instead, get a remote control you can attach to your key chain.

3. Light up the area around your garage. Motion sensor lights or spotlights can go a long way toward scaring off a would-be burglar.

4. Close and lock the door and the windows. Make it a habit to keep your garage door and windows shut and locked, even if you’re home. Frosting the windows to your garage or installing shades is also a great idea. Don’t let a burglar get a sneak peek at all the goodies you keep in your garage. In addition, be sure to lock the door that leads to your home from your attached garage.

5. Ensure the door from your garage to your home is sturdy. A door made of solid-core wood or even reinforced steel will slow a burglar down and maybe even cause him to give up his quest to break into your house.

Being a victim of a break-in is pretty scary, so it’s important to do everything you can to protect your family and your home. Following these tips will boost the security of your garage, help deter burglars, and help keep your loved ones safe.  Contact a BSG Expert Today to Learn More 855-MYSMARTHOME.