5 Signs Your San Antonio Home Alarm System is Outdated

Burglaries are more common than ever, and making sure that your San Antonio home alarm system is working at its best should be one of your top priorities. Many people still have San Antonio home alarm systems that were installed a decade ago or even longer, and these types of home alarm systems may not offer full security from the modern-day burglar. Here are five ways that you can tell that your alarm system is outdated and that it is time to get a new alarm system installed by one of the San Antonio alarm monitoring companies, such as BSG. They have locations in San Antonio and Austin.

1. Your San Antonio Home Alarm System Uses Land lines:

If your San Antonio home alarm system is still using land lines in order to connect to the police, then it is time to upgrade. Modern alarm systems use other ways to communicate that are much more secure. A smart burglar can find out on the Internet where the phone lines are located on a house and cut the lines if he or she suspects that the San Antonio home alarm system still uses the land line. Then, the burglar can enter without fear of the police arriving and steal whatever they choose to at their leisure.

2. Your San Antonio Home Alarm System Uses a Single Keypad:

Another thing that San Antonio alarm monitoring companies can help you with is upgrading to a security system that does not use a single keypad or does not use a keypad at all. Some San Antonio home alarm systems can be disabled by destroying the keypad that is usually located next to the door. If they do it quickly enough, then there will be no signal sent to the authorities. Criminals are aware of home alarm systems, especially professional burglars. Replacing the single keypad with a remote control that can be attached to a keychain is a much safer way to secure your home.

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3. You Still Have Wired Sensors:

If you have wired sensors on doors and windows, then you have a potential security risk. Criminals can cut these sensors with wire cutters or disable them in another way. If you are still using wired sensors, then you should upgrade to a much more secure system in which the sensors are not visible and cannot be easily disabled by would-be burglars. Many San Antonio alarm monitoring companies can help you to implement a much more modernized system that is not so open to professional burglars and other criminals who have access to the Internet and can learn how wired systems can be disabled.

4. Your Software & Hardware Have Never Been Updated:

San Antonio Alarm monitoring companies that know their business keep their customers up-to-date with the latest hardware for the home security systems. They are keeping ahead of the criminals that way – criminals who are becoming more and more advanced with technology of their own and information from the Internet, or professionals well versed in technology who can scout home alarm systems and determine if there is some kind of vulnerability that they can take advantage of. San Antonio Alarm monitoring companies that are keeping their customers updated with the latest hardware will also keep software for that hardware updated as well, with new software issued, or updates that can be downloaded from their servers. This makes it much less likely that thieves will be able to circumvent the security system in your home.

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5. Low Resolution Home Security Cameras:

There is no reason any longer to have low resolution home security cameras. With data storage that is measured in terabytes instead of gigabytes, thousands of hours of high-resolution or even high-definition video can be stored easily, and take up only a fraction of the space on a computer drive. There are many advantages to having high-resolution home security cameras. Obviously, one of the main ones is that you will be able to show a very clear picture of anyone who has attempted or has broken into your home. Police will have a much easier time matching that photo up with the ones in their internal databases to make an arrest. There is also the added advantage of being able to clearly see details like what the robbers took when they exited your home, and depending upon where your cameras are located, you may even be able to see vehicle license plate numbers, which will make identifying the criminals even easier.

You want a San Antonio home security company that keeps you on the cutting edge of technology and prevents burglars with every tool at their disposal. San Antonio Alarm monitoring companies like BSG has locations in San Antonio and Austin and are ready to protect your home and family.  Call today (210) 202-0525 to learn more or visit our Facebook page for tips and promotions.